Xtool D1 Pro switching between 2 laser modules

Hi all,
I have the Xtool D1 pro and a 10W + 40W laser, now i want to switch from the 40W to the 10W after cutting to engrave but when i switch the laser doesn’t work anymore.
I have to quit lightburn and restart then the laser will work again but only with the 40W profile so the offset is wrong.
How can i switch between lasers on the same machine ?

Do you have two devices configured? One for the 40w and the other for the 10W.

I assume these are separate modules so you have to make a hardware change?


Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 20.01.14
I made 2 laser profiles with their own offset but i do somthing wrong i think because i can’t switch between them.

The asterisk in your device list means it will default to that device…

Are you powering this down anyway for a hardware change?

You should be able to switch devices from within Lightburn… However with usb it might be a problem, so I can’t really advise on the specifics. I have one machine on Ethernet and only one grbl here at a time, so I haven’t done this.


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