XTool D1 Pro using Lightburn

I am not new to Lightburn but recently switched from an Ortur Laser Master Pro to the XTool D1 Pro
40w and I am having trouble getting it to work. When I try to engrave a project, the engraver fires and will frame but then when I start the project, the engraver will make a few passes and then slams into the side and faults out. Please Help!!


Welcome to the forum Nathan.

xTool uses a bit special kind of a grbl controller, so did You go through these installation instructions?

Unlike with XCS, I haven’t had any (knocks on unpainted wood :wink: ) problems with LB software.


I followed those instructions to a T. I framed the area I want the box in and everything looks good, but when I go to engrave it, the laser moves outside of the framed area and the project is moved.

Is the offset more than 16mm?

If so, in the Console window in LightBurn please type the following:
pressing enter after each one.

Please select and copy and these reports in the console window and paste them into a reply here.

This should tell us any reasons for offset.

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