Xtool D1 pro with extensions not going home

Everything else seams to be working fine with the exception of the home tab. When I press the home button it acts like the extensions are not there. I have checked the setting and uninstalled and reinstalled the xtool. Not sure where to go from here.

For most GRBL and open source laser engraver controllers in general, the Machine Settings are available to be written to by the user.

xTool has a closed source model and some have found that changes to the settings do not survive a power (on-off-on) cycle.

If you’re inclined to test for yourself, you may have access to adjust the axis length setting for yourself.

The X-axis length setting is $130. The Y-axis length is $131.

From the Console window in LightBurn, with the engraver connected, please request the System Information and Machine Settings by typing the following:
pressing enter after each line.

Please copy those reports into a reply here.

Did you extend the X-axis or the Y-axis? What is the recommended setting?

Kind of a newby but I think I found what you were asking for.

Thank you for helping me with this issue. I have thought I changed the write ones. xtool states 936mm x 542mm. If the images do not show the info you need please let me know and I will do my best to find it.

You’re on the right track.

You can get the axis lengths by pressing the mostly hidden button under the > (greater than) symbol then scrolling down.

The fast way to get the information is request and copy/paste reports.

Having the $i report from the engraver will also be helpful and I don’t know of another way to generate it.

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