Xtool D1 Pro with RA 2 issues

I searched and read every thread I could find on the RA2 not rotating correctly and couldn’t come up with a decent answer outside of people suggesting plugging in random mm per rotation. This does not affect how much my tumbler over rotates whatsoever. It always spins 1.25 times when I attempt to move the laser to the back of tumbler.

I set up a template using the Louisiana Hobby Guy’s video on YouTube so I can burn double sided tumblers.

The issue is when using the suggested 128 MM per rotation setting in the rotary settings, it rotates perfect when testing it.

I then used the set laser button (blue circle) to check the spacing of my design and clicked the red arrow. Then when I click the green arrow the tumbler rotates 1.25 times instead of just to the “back” of the tumbler.

I have tripled checked my measurements and the diameter, circumference, and template of perfect for the dimensions of the tumbler.

I can not figure out why the RA2 is over spinning the tumbler when a test rotation is perfect using the 128 mm. PLEASE HELP!

The test rotation rotates your chuck one rotation and back. Is the chuck doing this or is the tumbler doing this?

The setup is for the chuck itself… the software then calculates the surface speed from that…

Get the chuck to work properly then move on to the next step…

Make sense?


Hmmm the tumbler is rotating perfectly one time around so I would assume the chuck would be too since they are attached? I will mark the gear on the RA2 and do the test again to double check because I didn’t think to look at that.

Have you tried just using ensuring that your tool layer is set for “Frame” and just using the Framing Button in the Laser window to check that the tumbler is rotating only once? That is how I check things out prior to a burn.

My template is definitely set to a tool path. I will definitely try this shortly as I was told framing wouldn’t be accurate with an RA2.

Do you use absolute coordinates when doing two sides tumblers?

The chuck was also rotating a perfect 360 degrees back it’s starting position. I have no idea why when I use the set laser button it over rotates. I decided to throw a junk tumbler on there and it does a double sided burn correctly so at least I know it will do the burn, but will just be difficult to line it up properly if I end it in a very specific starting position.

The framing option did work well so I do not know why the set laser position button over rotates the RA2, but anyway I threw a junk tumbler on there and it burned correctly. Thanks for the tip!

What is this? … my cups/mugs have an inside and outside… are you engraving the inside also?

The setup requires the machine to know how many steps/rotation for the chuck, not the object. Granted both will rotate once, the diameter of the object changes how large artwork you can use.

It’s starting to sound like it’s working, but you’re understanding of how it operates may be in question… as I’ve stated I don’t have one of those…

I have never used the ‘move to’ on a rotary, so I don’t know what you are trying to do exactly. I would think it would work the same.

If you have your rotary setup so the chuck rotates 1 rotation and back… it’s done, you have an issue elsewhere…

When I use mine, I set the ‘start from’ to ‘user origin’ and the ‘job origin’ to the center/left. I then just set the center of the mug, usually aligned with the manufacturers mark.


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