Xtool d1 rotary image askew

Can some one please shed some light on an irksome problem I have with a D1 laser.
I’m using the most upto date D1 firmware, and software - both Lightburn (v1 1 04) and Laserbox (v1.2.0). The problem is that on burning a simple design on to a round cylinder (wood) the text is skewed but a straight line with text isn’t. Burning the same file from Laserbox doesn’t result in a skewed image. Am I correct in thinking that this points to a Lightburn/D1 interpretation problem? Just for completeness the settings were 300/20, single pass. The rotary settings were 32mm / rotation with 17mm roller diameter.

Burning flat images are fine - a 100mm square is square and a 100mm circle is round.

So the question is what can I do to correct the issue?

The images show the skewed text in a square, a ingle letter on a straight line and finally the image from Laserbox.

Any thoughts?


The first image appears to be a line driven font. The accelerations and decelerations on the long lines can cause ‘wheel slip’. The raster engraving (back and forth across the letters) in the second image are less likely to cause the slip around the circumference because there’s considerably less time to accelerate and decelerate.

If you lower your traverse speed to your engrave speed it should reduce the accelerations. Filling and Raster engraving will also help. Flood-Fill will not help.

Many thanks for your input - nothing better than experience.