Xtool D1 slamming in sides,offsetting my burns

I have a problem with my Xtool D1 and i dont know how too solve it.
The laser is actually doing great until i have a project that is close too the edge of the left side of the workarea,then it starts rattling or skipping and offsets my whole project.
Ill post a picture below were you can see whats happening if it happens.

Ill also post a video of what actually happens.


The thing what’s confusing me is that its not always happening,in the video above you see the Xtool starting at his home position by hand,like it should with absolute coordinates,after the “burn” i have it returned too finish position,and if you look closely in the video you can see its not the same as it starts,if i press start then once again it wont rattle and just burn normal.
On the right side i dont have all this problems,there it seems to me that the machine stays further away from the side then it should go,it looks like the machine thinks the workspace is more shifted too the left then it should be…if that is even possible,i dont know.
I hope its a bit clear what i mean,i post a screenshot of lightburn with the rectangle and the position of it the same as in the video.
btw its most of the times not happening when i frame,otherwise i wouldnt start the project.

Thnx, Paul

Are you homing or manually homing at power-on? Does the top-left corner show as 0,0 if you use “Get Position” in Move window?

If not, your laser isn’t aware of its actual absolute position and is dutifully sending the laser head into the wall as requested.

To avoid this, manually home by positioning the laser head at top-left before you start the machine or use the Home button to home prior to starting.

If you are homing it’s possible that you have set overscan to a high value and have disabled any collision limiters/warnings.

Normally im manually homing,but i did use the home button also several times but i found it was slamming too hard too the side and back,also when lowering the speeds or even set the finish position too 1,1.
But also when i manually home,wich i do most of the times this happens,in the video in the original post the machine starts at his homing position wich i set manually by hand

The top left corner does indeed show 0,0 when i use get position in the top left corner.

This is actually what it looks like,that the laser thinks the workspace is further too the left,but how can i solve this?
it keeps doing this,also when i turned it off and manually homed it again.

Can you take a screenshot of Preview?

Normally you’d get a warning about the laser potentially going out of bounds. Are you getting anything like that?

Are you able to jog the machine into the side of the machine or do you get a soft alarm?

The out of bonds warning i did see a few times on other projects,but with the rectangle on the edge of my workspace i dont get any warning with the laser in its home position.

And yes im able too jog the laser into the left side without getting any alarm.

Confirm that you have “out of bounds” warning enabled in Edit->Device Settings.

Also, can you confirm the value of $20 in Edit->Machine settings?

Were you able to check the Preview for this job?

The out of bonds warning is enabled,and the $20 value was set too false.
Then lightburn closed because my trial is over haha…damn so i need too buy it first,dont know how long that takes.
But i did check the preview earlier for this job yes,nothing wrong there.

This is what’s allowing you to crash into the walls and is likely unchangeable on the D1. The question then is why is the laser head being requested to go past the boundaries.

Did this show excessive overscan? Enough where the overscan would be longer than the distance between the object and the edge of the workspace?

Ok im back on track.
I made a new video;

With this settings;

And this is the preview;

Nothing seems wrong if you ask me,the weird part is,if i frame everything is fine…no rattling nothing,
but when i start the job it immediately rattles a few times and then it continues normal.

I dont know if you can see it in the previes but there is a green line wich is the workspace i assume,but the overscan is not crossing it.

Watched the video. That’s not at all what I expected to see. I didn’t realize the issue started even before the engraving.

Is there something mechanical impeding travel as the head moves down initially. It looks like something pushes to the right even before the initial Y-travel has completed.

I don’t think this has anything to do with soft limits or overscan at least based on the video.

I suggest doing a thorough mechanical review of your whole system. Look inside/under the gantry. Is there anything there that’s mechanically impeding travel? Or a misalignment in some part or damage to the belt?

If you manually move the head in the same trajectory as in the video do you hit the same issue?

Does jogging through this path cause the same issue?

Just as an aside, and so that you don’t think it’s “your” machine, my x1 does this as well. The best suggestion that I have is that it loses when you get really close to the boundaries. Mine only does this along the left-most axis (so, I guess that would be the 0 x-plane). Since I don’t have an answer either, I have adopted a “if it hurts when you do that, don’t do that” approach. I start my jobs a little further to the right of the 0 x-plane.

So, not much help there, but it’s not just you.

I had this same problem and this is my solution. With the laser powered down I move the head to 0,0 which is left top for the Xtool. Then I power it on and I use the origin button instead of the home button. Once powered up, I don’t move the head manually. If I have to move it manually to set focus, I move the head from 0,0 manually, set focus and move it back to 0,0. Been doing this for a few days and have had no more wall collisions. When framing I either move the material, keeping the laser where it is or I move the project on the screen to match the location of the material. I don’t manually move the head when framing because doing so loses 0,0 for the controller. Hope this helps.

I checked everything but everything seems fine,i can move the laser by hand with no problems
and with no weird sound.
Im for 99% sure its in the X axis,but just nothing seems wrong with it.

I see some more people have the same problem,so for now i just gonna try too stay away from the left side or try too move with the origin button and gonna see if it helps.

Mine also only does this on the left side,on the right no problems.
Im gonna start a job further away from the left side also,i did this already but i had a job now were i had too use almost the full workspace,im gonna trial and error a bit with using the origin button or by jogging by hand.

Im gonna try this also,too not move the laser manually and hope i can find a solution for now.

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