Xtool D1 stops firing after one second but software continues to runs since I updated to 1.1.04

My xtool D1 works fine in Laser box, but since I update too 1.1.04 in Lightburn, it stops firing after one second but the software continues to run. Please help?

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This is a really unusual problem.

if you repeated the task 4 or 5 times would it fail at exactly the same point or is it somewhat random around the end of the first second?

In LightBurn, in the Console window, there’s a switch on the far right of that box that says ‘Show all’ - turn that on (green).

Run the job and when the laser stops, press Pause in the Laser window. Pop back to the Console window and select and copy everything from the pause back to the start of the job. Please paste that selection into a reply here.

I’m looking for damaged data, dropped communication, a missing command or a warning or error message. There is also language in the code that may show a problem with settings but I’m not expecting that here.

Sorry for the delay, Waiting for connection…
Port failed to open - already in use?
Project loaded in 0 milliseconds
[XTool D1:ver B9]
start_home x
set_SGTHRS x (50)
enable x limit
x limit trigged
start_home y
set_SGTHRS y (50)
enable y limit
y limit trigged
Starting stream
G00 G17 G40 G20 G54
G0 X4.4232Y4.0207
G1 X8.2783S0F236.22
G1 Y6.7899
G1 X4.4232
G1 Y4.0207
Stream completed in 0:00
Starting stream
G00 G17 G40 G20 G54
G0 X4.4232Y4.0207
G1 X8.2783S0F236.22
G1 Y6.7899
G1 X4.4232
G1 Y4.0207
Stream completed in 0:00
[MSG:Pgm End]
Starting stream
G00 G17 G40 G20 G54
G1 X8.2783Y4.0207S0F236.22
G1 Y6.7899
G1 X4.4232
G1 Y4.0207
Stream completed in 0:00
[MSG:Pgm End]
Starting stream
M106 S0
G00 G17 G40 G20 G54
G0 X5.8395Y4.8095
Layer C01
G1 X5.8412S1000F1.969
G1 X5.8432Y4.8105
G1 X5.8456Y4.8124
G1 X5.8484Y4.8152
G1 X5.8549Y4.8233
G1 X5.8629Y4.8345
G1 X5.8722Y4.8482
G1 X5.8948Y4.8821
G1 X5.9178Y4.9156
G1 X5.9269Y4.929
G1 X5.9353Y4.9418
G1 X5.9429Y4.9536
G1 X5.9498Y4.9644
G1 X5.9559Y4.9739
G1 X5.9651Y4.9889
G1 X5.9763Y4.993
G1 X5.9889Y4.9998
G1 X5.9958Y5.0044
G1 X6.0032Y5.0099
G1 X6.0111Y5.0163
G1 X6.0194Y5.0236
G1 X6.0274Y5.0316
G1 X6.0352Y5.0405
G1 X6.032Y5.0217
G1 X6.0293Y5.0008
G1 X6.0279Y4.9796
G1 X6.0284Y4.9596
G1 X6.0298Y4.9508
G1 X6.0325Y4.9408
G1 X6.0362Y4.9298
G1 X6.0409Y4.918
G1 X6.0526Y4.8934
G1 X6.0663Y4.869
G1 X6.0735Y4.8574
G1 X6.0808Y4.8467
G1 X6.0879Y4.837
G1 X6.0949Y4.8286
G1 X6.1014Y4.8218
G1 X6.1074Y4.8168
G1 X6.1128Y4.8138
G1 X6.1172Y4.8132
G1 X6.1215Y4.8148
G1 X6.1262Y4.8183
G1 X6.1313Y4.8237
G1 X6.1367Y4.8306
G1 X6.1421Y4.839
G1 X6.1475Y4.8487
G1 X6.1529Y4.8596
G1 X6.158Y4.8714
G1 X6.167Y4.8974
G1 X6.1738Y4.9254
G1 X6.1761Y4.9397
G1 X6.1774Y4.9541
G1 Y4.9684
G1 X6.1768Y4.9824
G1 X6.1749Y4.9956
G1 X6.1722Y5.0077
G1 X6.1688Y5.0188
G1 X6.1649Y5.0289
G1 X6.1559Y5.0464
G1 X6.1461Y5.0606
G1 X6.1363Y5.072
G1 X6.1275Y5.0808
G1 X6.1207Y5.0877
G1 X6.1166Y5.0929
G1 X6.1125Y5.1021
G1 X6.1087Y5.1111
G1 X6.1044Y5.1196
G1 X6.0986Y5.1273
G1 X6.0932Y5.1319
G1 X6.0868Y5.1361
G1 X6.0892Y5.1439
G1 X6.0908Y5.1506
G1 X6.0917Y5.1562
G1 Y5.1606
G1 X6.0901Y5.1741
G1 X6.0879Y5.1862
G1 X6.0859Y5.1971
G1 X6.0846Y5.2071
G1 Y5.2105
G1 X6.0851Y5.2159
G1 X6.087Y5.2329
G1 X6.0881Y5.2444
G1 X6.0893Y5.2581
G1 X6.0903Y5.2737
G1 X6.0912Y5.2914
G1 X6.0917Y5.3112
G1 Y5.333
G1 X6.0913Y5.3569
G1 X6.0901Y5.3829
G1 X6.0882Y5.4109
G1 X6.0854Y5.441
G1 X6.0816Y5.4732
G1 X6.0767Y5.5074
G1 X6.0702Y5.5419
G1 X6.0619Y5.5746
G1 X6.0521Y5.6057
G1 X6.0411Y5.6348
G1 X6.0292Y5.6622
G1 X6.0167Y5.6876
G1 X6.0039Y5.711
G1 X5.9911Y5.7324
G1 X5.9786Y5.7517
G1 X5.9667Y5.7689
G1 X5.9557Y5.7839
G1 X5.9459Y5.7967
G1 X5.9312Y5.8152
G1 X5.9269Y5.8209
G1 X5.9249Y5.8242
G1 X5.9242Y5.8268
G1 X5.9165Y5.856
G1 X5.9116Y5.8732
G1 X5.9055Y5.8921
G1 X5.8984Y5.912
G1 X5.89Y5.9319
G1 X5.8805Y5.9511
G1 X5.8745Y5.96
G1 X5.8667Y5.9684
G1 X5.8575Y5.9763
G1 X5.8471Y5.9836
G1 X5.824Y5.9966
G1 X5.7998Y6.0073
G1 X5.7881Y6.0118
G1 X5.7769Y6.0157
G1 X5.7667Y6.0191
G1 X5.7577Y6.0218
G1 X5.7501Y6.0239
G1 X5.7444Y6.0255
G1 X5.7394Y6.0267
G1 X5.7458Y6.0537
G1 X5.7506Y6.0725
G1 X5.7566Y6.0948
G1 X5.7639Y6.1197
G1 X5.7722Y6.1465
G1 X5.7816Y6.1742
G1 X5.7922Y6.2019
G1 X5.8039Y6.2288
G1 X5.8159Y6.254
G1 X5.8276Y6.2772
G1 X5.8382Y6.2975
G1 X5.8509Y6.3214
G1 X5.8539Y6.3273
G1 X5.8561Y6.332
G1 X5.8575Y6.3355
G1 X5.8586Y6.3417
G1 Y6.349
G1 X5.857Y6.3576
G1 X5.8549Y6.3674
G1 X5.8522Y6.3787
G1 X5.8493Y6.3915
G1 X5.8465Y6.4059
G1 X5.844Y6.4219
G1 X5.8425Y6.4391
G1 Y6.4562
G1 X5.8429Y6.4729
G1 X5.8441Y6.4887
G1 X5.8467Y6.5153
G1 X5.8475Y6.5252
G1 Y6.5322
G1 X5.846Y6.5378
G1 X5.8434Y6.5438
G1 X5.8394Y6.5506
G1 X5.8342Y6.5582
G1 X5.8279Y6.5667
G1 X5.8121Y6.5873
G1 X5.8027Y6.5996
G1 X5.7832Y6.6288
G1 X5.7648Y6.6591
G1 X5.7564Y6.6725
G1 X5.7489Y6.6835
G1 X5.7455Y6.6878
G1 X5.7423Y6.6912
G1 X5.7395Y6.6936
G1 X5.7369Y6.6948
G1 X5.7324
G1 X5.7283Y6.6933
G1 X5.7245Y6.6897
G1 X5.7207Y6.6845
G1 X5.7168Y6.6776
G1 X5.7127Y6.6691
G1 X5.7032Y6.648
G1 X5.6988Y6.6366
G1 X5.696Y6.6264
G1 X5.6947Y6.6171
G1 Y6.6088
G1 X5.6962Y6.595
G1 X5.699Y6.5845
G1 X5.701Y6.5807
G1 X5.7042Y6.578
G1 X5.7083Y6.5762
G1 X5.713Y6.5748
G1 X5.7226Y6.5725
G1 X5.7302Y6.5687
G1 X5.7354Y6.5641
G1 X5.7397Y6.5601
G1 X5.743Y6.555
G1 X5.7454Y6.5473
G1 X5.7491Y6.5366
G1 X5.7555Y6.525
G1 X5.7632Y6.5144
G1 X5.7707Y6.5068
G1 X5.7739Y6.5037
G1 X5.7767Y6.4994
G1 X5.7791Y6.4938
G1 X5.7811Y6.4866
G1 X5.7827Y6.4774
G1 X5.7841Y6.466
G1 X5.7851Y6.4521
G1 X5.7859Y6.4354
G1 X5.7864Y6.4178
G1 Y6.4012
G1 Y6.3861
G1 Y6.3727
G1 X5.7856Y6.3611
G1 X5.7847Y6.3517
G1 X5.7833Y6.3446
G1 X5.7816Y6.3402
G1 X5.7787Y6.3353
G1 X5.7601Y6.3015
G1 X5.7418Y6.2692
G1 X5.7209Y6.2347
G1 X5.7151Y6.2257
G1 X5.7084Y6.2157
G1 X5.7012Y6.2049
G1 X5.6934Y6.1935
G1 X5.6771Y6.17
G1 X5.6531Y6.1359
G1 X5.6222Y6.0928
G1 X5.6198Y6.1025
G1 X5.6177Y6.1101
G1 X5.6149Y6.1199
G1 X5.6112Y6.1319
G1 X5.6067Y6.1461
G1 X5.5979Y6.1722
G1 X5.5943Y6.1834
G1 X5.5863Y6.2093
G1 X5.5776Y6.2381
G1 X5.5568Y6.3073
G1 X5.5504Y6.3279
G1 X5.5479Y6.3356
G1 X5.546Y6.3411
G1 X5.5447Y6.3442
G1 X5.5428Y6.349
G1 X5.5411Y6.3568
G1 X5.5395Y6.368
G1 X5.5379Y6.3831
G1 X5.5371Y6.3923
G1 X5.5363Y6.4026
G1 X5.5347Y6.4268
G1 X5.533Y6.4564
G1 X5.5312Y6.4917
G1 X5.5304Y6.51
G1 Y6.5268
G1 Y6.5421
G1 Y6.5562
G1 X5.5321Y6.581
G1 X5.535Y6.6023
G1 X5.544Y6.6396
G1 X5.5565Y6.6773
G1 X5.5641Y6.6969
G1 X5.5724Y6.7147
G1 X5.5808Y6.7305
G1 X5.5952Y6.756
G1 X5.5998Y6.7655
G1 X5.6011Y6.7693
G1 X5.6017Y6.7726
G1 Y6.7752
G1 X5.6003Y6.7772
G1 X5.5962Y6.7804
G1 X5.5907Y6.7831
G1 X5.5841Y6.7853
G1 X5.5766Y6.787
G1 X5.5603Y6.7892
G1 X5.5438Y6.7899
G1 X5.5271Y6.7889
G1 X5.5103Y6.7858
G1 X5.5028Y6.7834
G1 X5.4964Y6.7804
G1 X5.4914Y6.7767
G1 X5.4882Y6.7725
G1 X5.4858Y6.7652
G1 X5.4848Y6.7569
G1 Y6.7479
G1 X5.4853Y6.7385
G1 X5.4866Y6.7201
G1 X5.4856Y6.7042
G1 X5.4805Y6.6923
G1 X5.4732Y6.6824
G1 X5.4662Y6.6726
G1 X5.462Y6.6606
G1 Y6.6521
G1 X5.463Y6.6404
G1 X5.4651Y6.6259
G1 X5.4677Y6.609
G1 X5.4706Y6.5901
G1 X5.4734Y6.5694
G1 X5.4757Y6.5473
G1 X5.4772Y6.5242
G1 Y6.4736
G1 X5.4756Y6.4228
G1 X5.4744Y6.4005
G1 X5.4725Y6.369
G1 Y6.3624
G1 X5.4713Y6.3571
G1 X5.4683Y6.3488
G1 X5.4672Y6.3449
G1 X5.4662Y6.34
G1 X5.4654Y6.3338
G1 Y6.325
G1 X5.4668Y6.3126
G1 X5.4691Y6.2973
G1 X5.472Y6.2797
G1 X5.479Y6.2399
G1 X5.4856Y6.1982
G1 X5.4869Y6.1865
G1 X5.4879Y6.1723
G1 X5.4886Y6.156
G1 X5.4891Y6.1381
G1 X5.4895Y6.0991
G1 Y6.0591
G1 X5.4888Y6.0217
G1 X5.4882Y5.9904
G1 X5.4874Y5.961
G1 X5.4805Y5.9621
G1 X5.4613Y5.965
G1 X5.4477Y5.9668
G1 X5.4318Y5.9687
G1 X5.4139Y5.9708
G1 X5.3942Y5.9727
G1 X5.3729Y5.9746
G1 X5.3503Y5.9762
G1 X5.3267Y5.9775
G1 X5.3023Y5.9785
G1 X5.2522
G1 X5.2021Y5.9761
G1 X5.1779Y5.9738
G1 X5.1546Y5.9712
G1 X5.1324Y5.9682
G1 X5.1113Y5.965
G1 X5.0914Y5.9616
G1 X5.0728Y5.9582
G1 X5.0556Y5.9547
G1 X5.0398Y5.9513
G1 X5.0256Y5.9481
G1 X5.013Y5.945
G1 X5.0022Y5.9422
G1 X4.9931Y5.9398
G1 X4.9859Y5.9377
G1 X4.9763Y5.9349
G1 X4.9742Y5.9397
G1 X4.9725Y5.9432
G1 X4.9701Y5.9477
G1 X4.9671Y5.953
G1 X4.9634Y5.9592
G1 X4.9589Y5.966
G1 X4.9537Y5.9736
G1 X4.9476Y5.9817
G1 X4.9405Y5.9905
G1 X4.9326Y5.9998
G1 X4.9236Y6.0096
G1 X4.9136Y6.0198
G1 X4.9025Y6.0303
G1 X4.8903Y6.0412
G1 X4.873Y6.0548
G1 X4.8535Y6.0682
G1 X4.8325Y6.081
G1 X4.8106Y6.0934
G1 X4.812Y6.1085
G1 X4.8141Y6.128
G1 X4.8154Y6.1395
G1 X4.817Y6.1519
G1 X4.8188Y6.1654
G1 X4.8208Y6.1798
G1 X4.8258Y6.2116
G1 X4.8319Y6.2469
G1 X4.8393Y6.2856
G1 X4.8481Y6.3275
G1 X4.8543Y6.3547
G1 X4.8599Y6.3791
G1 X4.8653Y6.4011
G1 X4.8703Y6.4208
G1 X4.875Y6.4385
G1 X4.8795Y6.4543
G1 X4.8838Y6.4685
G1 X4.888Y6.4813
G1 X4.8961Y6.5035
G1 X4.9041Y6.5226
G1 X4.9125Y6.5403
G1 X4.9215Y6.5583
G1 X4.9305Y6.5758
G1 X4.9454Y6.6038
G1 X4.951Y6.6146
G1 X4.9552Y6.6235
G1 X4.9578Y6.6306
G1 X4.9587Y6.636
G1 X4.9577Y6.64
G1 X4.9542Y6.643
G1 X4.9479Y6.6453
G1 X4.9396Y6.647
G1 X4.9299Y6.6482
G1 X4.9094Y6.6489
G1 X4.892Y6.648
G1 X4.8775Y6.645
G1 X4.8633Y6.6401
G1 X4.857Y6.6373
G1 X4.8517Y6.6342
G1 X4.8475Y6.6312
G1 X4.8448Y6.6281
G1 X4.8437Y6.6238
G1 Y6.6171
G1 X4.8452Y6.6088
G1 X4.8468Y6.5996
G1 X4.8483Y6.59
G1 X4.8494Y6.5809
G1 Y6.5727
G1 X4.8481Y6.5663
G1 X4.8432Y6.5575
G1 X4.8373Y6.5514
G1 X4.831Y6.5462
G1 X4.8245Y6.5401
G1 X4.8221Y6.5359
G1 X4.8208Y6.5305
G1 X4.8204Y6.5238
G1 Y6.507
G1 X4.8198Y6.4969
G1 X4.8185Y6.4857
G1 X4.8161Y6.4735
G1 X4.8123Y6.4588
G1 X4.8074Y6.4404
G1 X4.8013Y6.4189
G1 X4.7941Y6.3946
G1 X4.7857Y6.3679
G1 X4.7761Y6.3392
G1 X4.7655Y6.309
G1 X4.7537Y6.2776
G1 X4.7391Y6.2394
G1 X4.7255Y6.2036
G1 X4.7193Y6.187
G1 X4.7039Y6.1449
G1 X4.6908Y6.1509
G1 X4.6802Y6.1559
G1 X4.6727Y6.1598
G1 X4.6685Y6.1625
G1 X4.6664Y6.1656
G1 X4.664Y6.1708
G1 X4.6614Y6.1779
G1 X4.6587Y6.1866
G1 X4.6558Y6.1969
G1 X4.6527Y6.2084
G1 X4.6496Y6.2211
G1 X4.6464Y6.2345
G1 X4.6332Y6.2928
G1 X4.6205Y6.3481
G1 X4.6088Y6.4005
G1 X4.5988Y6.4539
G1 X4.5947Y6.4788
G1 X4.5915Y6.5013
G1 X4.5903Y6.5113
G1 X4.5894Y6.5204
G1 X4.5888Y6.5285
G1 Y6.5353
G1 Y6.5473
G1 X4.5908Y6.5584
G1 X4.5938Y6.5689
G1 X4.5977Y6.5791
G1 X4.6072Y6.5992
G1 X4.6171Y6.621
G1 X4.6292Y6.6469
G1 X4.6497Y6.6864
G1 X4.6548Y6.6966
G1 X4.6568Y6.7008
G1 X4.6582Y6.7042
G1 X4.6591Y6.7067
G1 Y6.7082
G1 X4.6577Y6.7107
G1 X4.6538Y6.7139
G1 X4.6477Y6.7173
G1 X4.6399Y6.7207
G1 X4.6304Y6.7238
G1 X4.6197Y6.7261
G1 X4.6078Y6.7274
G1 X4.5952
G1 X4.5824Y6.7256
G1 X4.5701Y6.7226
G1 X4.5586Y6.7183
G1 X4.5481Y6.7132
G1 X4.5389Y6.7074
G1 X4.5313Y6.7012
G1 X4.5255Y6.6948
G1 X4.5218Y6.6884
G1 X4.5202Y6.6816
G1 Y6.6737
G1 X4.521Y6.6651
G1 X4.5226Y6.6559
G1 X4.5262Y6.6369
G1 X4.5277Y6.6186
G1 X4.5262Y6.6102
G1 X4.5227Y6.6022
G1 X4.5177Y6.5946
G1 X4.5119Y6.5872
G1 X4.5002Y6.5732
G1 X4.4923Y6.56
G1 X4.4911Y6.5525
G1 X4.4919Y6.5422
G1 X4.493Y6.5355
G1 X4.4946Y6.5276
G1 X4.4966Y6.5184
G1 X4.5093Y6.4637
G1 X4.5135Y6.4447
G1 X4.5182Y6.4233
G1 X4.5232Y6.3993
G1 X4.5286Y6.3725
G1 X4.5345Y6.3426
G1 X4.5399Y6.3123
G1 X4.5442Y6.2841
G1 X4.5475Y6.2578
G1 X4.55Y6.2335
G1 X4.5518Y6.2111
G1 X4.5531Y6.1905
G1 X4.554Y6.1717
G1 X4.5553Y6.139
G1 X4.5559Y6.1251
G1 X4.5568Y6.1126
G1 X4.5581Y6.1016
G1 X4.5598Y6.0919
G1 X4.5622Y6.0836
G1 X4.5654Y6.0765
G1 X4.5696Y6.0706
G1 X4.5744Y6.0662
G1 X4.5797Y6.0634
G1 X4.5856Y6.0616
G1 X4.5919Y6.0604
G1 X4.5989Y6.0592
G1 X4.6064Y6.0577
G1 X4.6147Y6.0553
G1 X4.6236Y6.0515
G1 X4.6421Y6.0399
G1 X4.6588Y6.025
G1 X4.6657Y6.0174
G1 X4.6711Y6.01
G1 X4.6747Y6.0033
G1 X4.6762Y5.9976
G1 X4.6757Y5.9914
G1 X4.6735Y5.9827
G1 X4.6694Y5.9711
G1 X4.6634Y5.9562
G1 X4.6596Y5.9475
G1 X4.6553Y5.9378
G1 X4.6504Y5.9271
G1 X4.645Y5.9154
G1 X4.6323Y5.8886
G1 X4.6171Y5.8572
G1 X4.6035Y5.8269
G1 X4.592Y5.7971
G1 X4.5826Y5.7679
G1 X4.5754Y5.7393
G1 X4.5701Y5.7114
G1 X4.5669Y5.6841
G1 X4.5656Y5.6576
G1 X4.5662Y5.6318
G1 X4.5594Y5.6379
G1 X4.5534Y5.6449
G1 X4.5483Y5.6526
G1 X4.544Y5.661
G1 X4.538Y5.679
G1 X4.5354Y5.6978
G1 Y5.7115
G1 Y5.7283
G1 Y5.7476
G1 X4.5344Y5.7692
G1 X4.5323Y5.7929
G1 X4.5284Y5.8181
G1 X4.522Y5.8447
G1 X4.5126Y5.8722
G1 X4.5067Y5.8854
G1 X4.5003Y5.897
G1 X4.4935Y5.907
G1 X4.4864Y5.9157
G1 X4.4791Y5.9231
G1 X4.4718Y5.9292
M8 N4
G1 X4.4645Y5.9342
G1 X4.4575Y5.9381
G1 X4.4444Y5.9431
G1 X4.4337Y5.945
G1 X4.4295
G1 X4.4263Y5.9444
G1 X4.4242Y5.9434
G1 X4.4232Y5.942
G1 Y5.9379
G1 X4.4251Y5.9316
G1 X4.4278Y5.923
G1 X4.431Y5.9122
G1 X4.4343Y5.8991
G1 X4.4372Y5.8837
G1 X4.4393Y5.866
G1 X4.4401Y5.846
G1 X4.4391Y5.8246
G1 X4.4343Y5.7783
G1 X4.4327Y5.7526
G1 Y5.7388
G1 Y5.7245
G1 X4.4343Y5.7094
G1 X4.4365Y5.6936
G1 X4.4397Y5.6769
G1 X4.4441Y5.6594
G1 X4.4498Y5.641
G1 X4.4569Y5.6216
G1 X4.4636Y5.6071
G1 X4.4712Y5.5943
G1 X4.4796Y5.5832
G1 X4.4887Y5.5736
G1 X4.4984Y5.5655
G1 X4.5085Y5.5587
G1 X4.5189Y5.5532
G1 X4.5294Y5.5487
G1 X4.5504Y5.5427
G1 X4.5703Y5.5399
G1 X4.5882Y5.5393
G1 X4.6029Y5.54
G1 X4.6168Y5.5253
G1 X4.632Y5.5115
G1 X4.6481Y5.4987
G1 X4.6647Y5.487
G1 X4.6812Y5.4766
G1 X4.6974Y5.4674
G1 X4.7127Y5.4597
G1 X4.7267Y5.4534
G1 X4.7487Y5.4461
G1 X4.7739Y5.4406
G1 X4.8017Y5.4367
G1 X4.8314Y5.4343
G1 X4.8627Y5.4332
G1 X4.8948
G1 X4.9272Y5.4342
G1 X4.9595Y5.436
G1 X4.9682Y5.4367
G1 X4.9785Y5.4379
G1 X4.9901Y5.4395
G1 X5.0031Y5.4414
G1 X5.0171Y5.4437
G1 X5.0323Y5.4463
G1 X5.0484Y5.4491
G1 X5.0653Y5.4522
G1 X5.1013Y5.4591
G1 X5.1393Y5.4665
G1 X5.1784Y5.4744
G1 X5.3296Y5.5054
G1 X5.3617Y5.5117
G1 X5.3897Y5.5171
G1 X5.402Y5.5194
G1 X5.4129Y5.5213
G1 X5.4223Y5.5228
G1 X5.4302Y5.5239
G1 X5.4365Y5.5246
G1 X5.441
G1 X5.4682Y5.5221
G1 X5.4969Y5.5162
G1 X5.5137Y5.5131
G1 X5.5331Y5.5105
G1 X5.544Y5.5094
G1 X5.5558Y5.5087
G1 X5.5687Y5.5082
G1 X5.5826
G1 X5.6125Y5.5093
G1 X5.6429Y5.5118
G1 X5.6725Y5.5151
G1 X5.6998Y5.5188
G1 X5.7122Y5.5207
G1 X5.7235Y5.5225
G1 X5.7422Y5.5257
G1 X5.7589Y5.5288
G1 X5.7679Y5.5203
G1 X5.7778Y5.5105
G1 X5.7899Y5.4974
G1 X5.8035Y5.4816
G1 X5.8175Y5.4636
G1 X5.8311Y5.4437
G1 X5.8432Y5.4225
G1 X5.8527Y5.3996
G1 X5.8596Y5.3752
G1 X5.8641Y5.3506
G1 X5.8669Y5.3274
G1 X5.8677Y5.3168
G1 X5.8682Y5.307
G1 Y5.2982
G1 X5.8687Y5.2906
G1 Y5.2844
G1 Y5.2758
G1 X5.8453Y5.2781
G1 X5.8205Y5.2808
G1 X5.806Y5.2826
G1 X5.7906Y5.2845
G1 X5.7584Y5.2885
G1 X5.7284Y5.2916
G1 X5.7156Y5.2926
G1 X5.7051Y5.2931
G1 X5.6975
G1 X5.6934Y5.2922
G1 X5.6885Y5.2883
G1 X5.6831Y5.2821
G1 X5.6777Y5.2749
G1 X5.6728Y5.2679
G1 X5.6681Y5.2582
G1 X5.6635Y5.245
G1 X5.6615Y5.2384
G1 X5.6599Y5.2325
G1 X5.6589Y5.2279
G1 Y5.2251
G1 Y5.2231
G1 X5.661Y5.2209
G1 X5.6639Y5.2185
G1 X5.6677Y5.2158
G1 X5.6774Y5.21
G1 X5.6889Y5.2036
G1 X5.6927Y5.2013
G1 X5.6978Y5.1978
G1 X5.7042Y5.1933
G1 X5.7115Y5.1879
G1 X5.7283Y5.1752
G1 X5.7462Y5.1611
G1 X5.7637Y5.147
G1 X5.779Y5.1341
G1 X5.7853Y5.1287
G1 X5.7903Y5.124
G1 X5.794Y5.1204
G1 X5.796Y5.118
G1 X5.7986Y5.1129
G1 X5.8018Y5.1054
G1 X5.8054Y5.0963
G1 X5.8091Y5.0864
G1 X5.8186Y5.0607
G1 X5.8204Y5.0561
G1 X5.8224Y5.0531
G1 X5.8258Y5.0501
G1 X5.8302Y5.047
G1 X5.8353Y5.044
G1 X5.8558Y5.0331
G1 X5.8652Y5.0271
G1 X5.8771Y5.0191
G1 X5.892Y5.0102
G1 X5.9104Y5.0014
G1 X5.9132Y5.0002
G1 X5.9049Y4.9956
G1 X5.8958Y4.99
G1 X5.8862Y4.9832
G1 X5.8766Y4.9754
G1 X5.8671Y4.9663
G1 X5.8582Y4.956
G1 X5.8502Y4.9444
G1 X5.8435Y4.9316
G1 X5.836Y4.9108
G1 X5.8315Y4.8899
G1 X5.8295Y4.8697
G1 Y4.8511
G1 X5.8309Y4.8349
G1 X5.8334Y4.822
G1 X5.8349Y4.8171
G1 X5.8364Y4.8132
G1 X5.838Y4.8107
G1 X5.8395Y4.8095
G0 X6.6152Y4.6817
G1 X6.6139Y4.6771
G1 X6.6143Y4.6742
G1 X6.6156Y4.671
G1 X6.618Y4.6676
G1 X6.6216Y4.6644
G1 X6.631Y4.6587
G1 X6.6547Y4.6483
G1 X6.668Y4.6409
G1 X6.6809Y4.6342
G1 X6.6928Y4.6307
G1 X6.7045Y4.6285
G1 X6.7167Y4.626
G1 X6.721Y4.625
G1 X6.7463Y4.6195
G1 X6.7708Y4.6138
G1 X6.7988Y4.6069
G1 X6.7828Y4.6124
G1 X6.7683Y4.618
G1 X6.7559Y4.6236
G1 X6.7462Y4.6292
G1 X6.7229Y4.6446
G1 X6.7016Y4.6582
G1 X6.6922Y4.6641
G1 X6.6839Y4.6691
G1 X6.6769Y4.6731
G1 X6.6714Y4.6761
G1 X6.6657Y4.6782
G1 X6.6585Y4.6799
G1 X6.6503Y4.6813
G1 X6.6418Y4.6822
G1 X6.6337Y4.6829
G1 X6.6266
G1 X6.6182Y4.6835
G1 X6.6152Y4.6817
G0 X6.5634Y4.6549
G1 X6.549Y4.6708
G1 X6.5286Y4.6704
G1 X6.5155
G1 X6.4864Y4.6712
G1 X6.4607Y4.674
G1 X6.4587Y4.6716
G1 X6.4564Y4.6687
G1 X6.4534Y4.6645
G1 X6.45Y4.6593
G1 X6.4461Y4.6529
G1 X6.442Y4.6454
G1 X6.4377Y4.6368
G1 X6.4335Y4.6271
G1 X6.4295Y4.6164
G1 X6.4257Y4.6046
G1 X6.4224Y4.5917
G1 X6.4197Y4.5778
G1 X6.4177Y4.5629
G1 X6.4166Y4.547
G1 Y4.5301
G1 X6.4161Y4.5236
G1 Y4.519
G1 Y4.5067
G1 X6.4178Y4.4914
G1 X6.421Y4.4741
G1 X6.4265Y4.4559
G1 X6.435Y4.438
G1 X6.4471Y4.4214
G1 X6.4444Y4.4228
G1 X6.4413Y4.4248
G1 X6.4373Y4.4276
G1 X6.4326Y4.4315
G1 X6.4274Y4.4364
G1 X6.4217Y4.4426
G1 X6.4159Y4.4501
G1 X6.4101Y4.4589
G1 X6.4045Y4.4692
G1 X6.3992Y4.4811
G1 X6.3945Y4.4947
G1 X6.3905Y4.51
G1 X6.3874Y4.5272
G1 X6.3855Y4.5463
G1 X6.3848Y4.5674
G1 X6.3858Y4.5718
G1 X6.3863Y4.5799
G1 X6.3851Y4.5831
G1 X6.3824Y4.5845
G1 X6.3802
G1 X6.3775Y4.5831
G1 X6.3741Y4.5811
G1 X6.3497Y4.5628
G1 X6.3274Y4.5468
G1 X6.3169Y4.539
G1 X6.3074Y4.5318
G1 X6.2997Y4.5252
G1 X6.2941Y4.5195
G1 X6.286Y4.5086
G1 X6.279Y4.4954
G1 X6.2761Y4.4873
G1 X6.2739Y4.478
G1 X6.2723Y4.4671
G1 X6.2715Y4.4545
G1 X6.2706Y4.4293
G1 Y4.4076
G1 X6.2722Y4.3977
G1 X6.2747Y4.3882
G1 X6.2785Y4.3791
G1 X6.2839Y4.3703
G1 X6.292Y4.3603
G1 X6.3029Y4.3482
G1 X6.3155Y4.3346
G1 X6.3288Y4.3199
G1 X6.3417Y4.3048
G1 X6.3532Y4.2896
G1 X6.3623Y4.2751
G1 X6.3678Y4.2616
G1 X6.3596Y4.2709
G1 X6.3501Y4.2809
G1 X6.3377Y4.293
G1 X6.3231Y4.3061
G1 X6.3066Y4.3191
G1 X6.2888Y4.3309
G1 X6.2703Y4.3404
G1 X6.2694Y4.3303
G1 X6.2689Y4.3235
G1 X6.2684Y4.3076
G1 X6.2692Y4.2914
G1 X6.2713Y4.2713
G1 X6.2729Y4.2579
G1 X6.275Y4.2426
G1 X6.2778Y4.2256
G1 X6.2815Y4.2072
G1 X6.2861Y4.1875
G1 X6.2919Y4.1667
G1 X6.3037Y4.1234
G1 X6.3142Y4.0813
G1 X6.3193Y4.0623
G1 X6.3244Y4.0455
G1 X6.3295Y4.0314
G1 X6.3349Y4.0207
G1 X6.3328Y4.0236
G1 X6.3271Y4.0319
G1 X6.3232Y4.0379
G1 X6.3187Y4.0451
G1 X6.3138Y4.0533
G1 X6.3084Y4.0625
G1 X6.2971Y4.0837
G1 X6.2857Y4.1079
G1 X6.275Y4.1347
G1 X6.2658Y4.1635
G1 X6.2651Y4.1691
G1 X6.2632Y4.1827
G1 X6.2613Y4.1938
G1 X6.2589Y4.2048
G1 X6.2562Y4.2143
G1 X6.2548Y4.2181
G1 X6.2532Y4.2209
G1 X6.2516Y4.2227
G1 X6.2499Y4.2232
G1 X6.2463Y4.2179
G1 X6.2439Y4.2139
G1 X6.2379Y4.2031
G1 X6.2312Y4.1888
G1 X6.225Y4.1717
G1 X6.2203Y4.1522
G1 X6.2181Y4.1308
G1 X6.2193Y4.1081
G1 X6.2174Y4.1142
G1 X6.2161Y4.1187
G1 X6.2135Y4.1308
G1 X6.2114Y4.1465
G1 X6.2108Y4.1649
G1 X6.2127Y4.1854
G1 X6.2148Y4.1962
G1 X6.2178Y4.2072
G1 X6.222Y4.2184
G1 X6.2273Y4.2296
G1 X6.2292Y4.2349
G1 X6.2312Y4.2411
G1 X6.2334Y4.2493
G1 X6.2355Y4.2594
G1 X6.2373Y4.271
G1 X6.2385Y4.2839
G1 Y4.2978
G1 Y4.3297
G1 X6.2393Y4.3647
G1 X6.2404Y4.3976
G1 Y4.4118
G1 X6.241Y4.4333
G1 X6.2417Y4.4493
G1 Y4.4554
G1 X6.2409Y4.4603
G1 X6.2394Y4.4639
G1 X6.2369Y4.4662
G1 X6.2329Y4.4672
G1 X6.2272Y4.4661
G1 X6.2197Y4.4624
G1 X6.2112Y4.4566
G1 X6.2022Y4.4493
G1 X6.1934Y4.441
G1 X6.1853Y4.4323
G1 X6.1787Y4.4238
G1 X6.174Y4.4161
G1 X6.1675Y4.4032
G1 X6.1627Y4.3904
G1 X6.1615Y4.3827
G1 Y4.3734
G1 X6.1624Y4.362
G1 X6.165Y4.3479
G1 X6.1689Y4.3302
G1 X6.1738Y4.3095
G1 X6.1846Y4.2645
G1 X6.2001Y4.2019
G1 X6.1963Y4.2075
G1 X6.1936Y4.2118
G1 X6.1903Y4.2172
G1 X6.1866Y4.2238
G1 X6.1824Y4.2315
G1 X6.178Y4.2402
G1 X6.1733Y4.25
G1 X6.1685Y4.2609
G1 X6.1637Y4.2727
G1 X6.159Y4.2855
G1 X6.15Y4.3139
G1 X6.1423Y4.3457
G1 X6.1415Y4.3484
G1 X6.1386Y4.3521
G1 X6.1361
G1 X6.1327Y4.3502
G1 X6.1307Y4.3481
G1 X6.1284Y4.3451
G1 X6.1259Y4.3412
G1 X6.123Y4.3362
G1 X6.12Y4.3293
G1 X6.1167Y4.3202
G1 X6.1134Y4.3091
G1 X6.1101Y4.2963
G1 X6.1039Y4.2666
G1 X6.0987Y4.2332
G1 X6.0952Y4.1983
G1 X6.094Y4.1643
G1 X6.0946Y4.1482
G1 X6.0959Y4.1331
G1 X6.0982Y4.1193
G1 X6.1015Y4.107
G1 X6.0992Y4.112
G1 X6.0967Y4.118
G1 X6.0935Y4.1261
G1 X6.0899Y4.1361
G1 X6.0862Y4.1478
G1 X6.0825Y4.1611
G1 X6.0791Y4.1758
G1 X6.0762Y4.1916
G1 X6.0741Y4.2085
G1 X6.0729Y4.2262
G1 Y4.2446
G1 X6.0742Y4.2635
G1 X6.0772Y4.2827
G1 X6.0821Y4.302
G1 X6.089Y4.3212
G1 X6.1057Y4.3579
G1 X6.1231Y4.3912
G1 X6.1406Y4.4208
G1 X6.1577Y4.4466
G1 X6.1659Y4.458
G1 X6.1738Y4.4685
G1 X6.1813Y4.4779
G1 X6.1883Y4.4862
G1 X6.1948Y4.4935
G1 X6.2007Y4.4997
G1 X6.2058Y4.5048
G1 X6.2103Y4.5088
G1 X6.2277Y4.5236
G1 X6.2474Y4.5397
G1 X6.2692Y4.5559
G1 X6.319Y4.5867
G1 X6.345Y4.6062
G1 X6.3565Y4.6163
G1 X6.3664Y4.6262
G1 X6.3742Y4.6356
G1 X6.3791Y4.6441
G1 X6.3816Y4.6473
G1 X6.3841Y4.6505
G1 X6.3866Y4.6543
G1 X6.3888Y4.658
G1 X6.3901Y4.6612
G1 Y4.6635
G1 X6.3882Y4.6644
G1 X6.3804Y4.6626
G1 X6.3702Y4.658
G1 X6.3593Y4.6518
G1 X6.3496Y4.6452
G1 X6.3419Y4.6393
G1 X6.3355Y4.6347
G1 X6.3274Y4.6292
G1 X6.3175Y4.6232
G1 X6.3059Y4.6169
G1 X6.2927Y4.6105
G1 X6.2777Y4.6043
G1 X6.261Y4.5985
G1 X6.2426Y4.5934
G1 X6.2226Y4.5891
G1 X6.2008Y4.586
G1 X6.1774Y4.5843
G1 X6.1523
G1 X6.1255Y4.5859
G1 X6.097Y4.5898
G1 X6.0993Y4.5958
G1 X6.1024Y4.6028
G1 X6.1069Y4.612
G1 X6.113Y4.6229
G1 X6.1206Y4.6352
G1 X6.1299Y4.6485
G1 X6.141Y4.6624
G1 X6.154Y4.6766
G1 X6.1691Y4.6907
G1 X6.1862Y4.7043
G1 X6.2055Y4.717
G1 X6.2271Y4.7285
G1 X6.2511Y4.7384
G1 X6.2775Y4.7463
G1 X6.3066Y4.7518
G1 X6.3224Y4.756
G1 X6.324
G1 X6.3271Y4.7575
G1 X6.3298Y4.7598
G1 Y4.7635
G1 X6.3292Y4.7647
G1 X6.3277Y4.7681
G1 X6.3259Y4.7733
G1 X6.3243Y4.7797
G1 X6.3233Y4.787
G1 Y4.7948
G1 X6.3256Y4.8025
G1 X6.3298Y4.8099
G1 X6.335Y4.8162
G1 X6.3393Y4.8213
G1 X6.3428Y4.8256
G1 X6.3452Y4.8294
G1 X6.3464Y4.8331
G1 Y4.837
G1 X6.3451Y4.8414
G1 X6.3423Y4.8466
G1 X6.3378Y4.8536
Guru Meditation Error: Core 1 panic’ed (IntegerDivideByZero). Exception was unhandled.
Core 1 register dump:
PC : 0x40085038 PS : 0x00060231 A0 : 0x80085e66 A1 : 0x3ffc0090
A2 : 0x00002710 A3 : 0x00000000 A4 : 0x00000000 A5 : 0x40d00000
A6 : 0x3ffbac14 A7 : 0x3ffb844c A8 : 0x8008502f A9 : 0x3ffc0070
A10 : 0x3ffbac14 A11 : 0x00004000 A12 : 0x0000000f A13 : 0x00004000
A14 : 0x7ff00000 A15 : 0x7ff00000 SAR : 0x00000011 EXCCAUSE: 0x00000006
EXCVADDR: 0x00000000 LBEG : 0x400029ac LEND : 0x400029cb LCOUNT : 0x00000000
Core 1 was running in ISR context:
EPC1 : 0x40085038 EPC2 : 0x00000000 EPC3 : 0x00000000 EPC4 : 0x4008d7a4
ELF file SHA256: 0000000000000000
Backtrace: 0x40085038:0x3ffc0090 0x40085e63:0x3ffc00c0 0x40085efd:0x3ffc00e0 0x400866b9:0x3ffc0100 0x4008d019:0x3ffc0120 0x4000d279:0x3ffb1f30 0x40086557:0x3ffb1f50 0x40081c27:0x3ffb1f70 0x400d2c32:0x3ffb1f90 0x400e48e5:0x3ffb1fb0 0x400909e6:0x3ffb1fd0

The connection problem with the “port failed to open - already in use?” is an issue that also i have in all my 3 machines since i upgraded to In this issue was not present.

I’m having this same issue.

The divide by zero problem, the laser stopping after one second problem or the “port failed to open - already in use problem?” If it’s not the laser stopping problem we’ll get you rolling in your own separate thread.

In the OP’s post the ‘failed to open’ message seemed to be start related and not a job-halting error. The xTool may be looking for and negotiating the slower baud rate. Continuing to investigate.

Which three engravers are affected?
Is the problem limited to the one Win 11 computer?

This is interesting.
I’m considering that G1 S0 may be the attempted divide by zero.

With your hardware set up powered up, connected and prior to running it, please type the following into the console Window:
Then press enter.

Copy that report into a reply here.

No all 3 machines are on win 10, all 3 have Grbl 1.1h, all 3 have MKS DLC32 as controller and all 3 are at 115200 baud and i use a single PC. When running there was no issue on connection.

“Laser stopping after one second” is my problem.

Waiting for connection…





[XTool D1:ver B9]






































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