Xtool D1 Y-Axis is inverted

I have my D1 connected through Lightburn and I have done the configuration through Laserbox. My issue is that my Y-Axis seems to be inverted. When the origin is set to top left and I press the Y+ button the laser moves in the Y+ direction but the Y value is negative (i.e. Y: -1.00). When the origin is set to the bottom left and I press the Y+ button the laser moves in the Y- direction but the Y value is positive (i.e. Y: +1.00). I don’t know if this is a Lightburn issue or a Xtool/Laserbox issue.

Machine origin settings needs to be top-left. And top-left should be 0,0.

You need to power on the machine with the laser head at top-left or home after which top-left will register as 0,0.

From that point, downward movement will be positive Y.

So I am guessing that this machine operates slightly different than my Sculpfun S6 Pro in that, if I have the laser head positioned at the bottom left then running X to the right is a positive value and running Y up is a positive value and the Xtool can only run X to the right is positive and Y down is positive. Am I understanding that correctly?

Yes. Sculpfun has origin at bottom left and works in Quadrant 1 of Cartesian plane. xTool D1 has origin at top-left and works in Quadrant 4.

If you didn’t use the xTool provided .lbdev file to setup your laser I suggest you do so. It includes a few other configurations including laser pointer offset and offset scanning adjustments, and baud rate that you’d otherwise have to set yourself.

Ok well I feel dumb. Lol. This whole time I was thinking something was catastrophically wrong or I set something up backwards. I was thinking you could set the Origin where ever you wanted and just run from there. I did set up the .Ibdev file when I updated the firmware on initial setup. Thank you very much @berainlb for your help. I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately not. And be aware that designs done in one origin will need to be flipped when used with a laser set to a different origin. Since you have two lasers this may come up quite a bit.

Oh ok. Thank you for that as well! I will be sure to look out for that.

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