Xtool DI 40 Watt crashes when I push Home

When I hit “home” the laser moves all the way left then up to the upper most corner and when it gets to the top it still wants to go further and the belts keep turning for about 5 seconds. I’m afraid this will damage the motors or belts. I don’t know if this is a software or hardware issue.

This is for sure something the machine is not handling properly. LightBurn is not involved in the actual homing process other than requesting that it happens.

xTool D1 Pro has proximity sensors that are used for homing on both the X and Y axes. Sounds like for some reason the Y sensor is not getting triggered or not working properly.

Look carefully at the machine to see if there’s a physical reason why the Y sensor is not able to be triggered. If there’s no physical impediment check that there’s no electrical reason it might not be working. Check for loose or improperly connected components. If you don’t seen an electrical issue you could have an electronic issue with one of the components or on the controller board.


When you installed the 40w laser kit did you replace the sensors? I skipped that step in my eagerness to get started and found that the sensors no longer line up when using the larger 40w laser head. They include a new sensor kit so it lines up again.

Thanks, I noticed that the ribbon cable seems to be getting caught and might be impeding the motion. But ultimately I had the wrong sensor. Thanks for your help.

Thanks, I did have the wrong sensor and the cable was getting hung up, All better thanks to you… again, thanks.

I noticed that you places this in the Neje section.

If you’re using equipment from two different manufacturers that’s great but the details get blurry.

If you’re using all xTool equipment here, I’ll move it to the correct category. Thanks!

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