Xtool enclosure with camera

Ive an xtool d1 Pro also have the xtool enclosure.
The enclosure is quite flimsy and I’m not sure I’ll get the right focal distance.
Ive read plenty of threads here and I’m confused.

So do I need to set the camera at a certain height and then put it into the enclosure at lower height and different angle and it will work?
If so is it best I set the camera up in a fixed stand then it will be set up inside the enclosure?

I’m just concerned as the enclosure lid is not ridged as it is a foldable unit so I don’t know if I can set it all up fixed into the enclosure from the beginning

If I’m understanding you correctly the answer is no.

It’s critical that the relative position of the camera to the frame of your laser not change at any point after calibration. What this means is that typically the camera is mounted to a fixture that’s rigidly attached to the frame.


So in reality, I’d be better building say, a plywood enclosure to keep the camera in the same position?

You could simply fabricate a camera mount that arches over the XTool, but under the height of the enclosure. Maybe in a way that clicks/latches onto the frame.

The enclosure itself is irrelevant unless you were trying to solve the enclosure issue and the rigid mount issue at the same time. But if you did that you would need to ensure that the relationship of the frame and the enclosure was also rigid.

October’s suggestion would also work fine.

The xtool enclosure has a flap at the front so I gather it can’t go there.
It’s semi rigid at the back I could mount it there but I’m not sure if I will be able to get the whole bed area in the camera shot, hence thinking I’d need a higher position.
I have held it by hand and I’m not confident it will see the whole work area.

I’m getting from you guys.

  1. Rigid is a must
  2. It always needs to be in the same position

Question. I have seen others put their camera inside the moving flap/lid so when it’s in down position, it views the work area. Is this a good idea?

I personally don’t get much value from it being in the down position as I don’t count on the live view to know how my laser is progressing. And there’s no utility in the down position for capturing an overlay.

What it does get you is a rigid and repeatable way of elevating the camera with the entire bed visible.