My Xtool will go home.
It will frame on the X (horizontal axis) but will not move vertically.
I am in the middle of a multi image burn and it quit moving vertically.

If you attempt to jog up and down what happens? Do you hear the stepper motors working? If so, check to see if you can see actual movement on the stepper shaft.

If you see motion there, follow the chain of motion. At what point is motion not transferred and resolve the issue. I’m going to guess that either the pinion gear or belts have gotten loose.

It will jog and when you hit HOME, it will move up and down and side to side

I want to make sure I’m getting it.

Home works correctly and you can freely jog in all directions?

If so, can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with the Cut and Laser windows showing?

If not, please elaborate.

Correct - Home works both ways of movement. I can job both ways.

I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Somehow the rotary tool was enabled. When I un-enabled (?) it, it is working good.

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