xTool - Limit Switches and no help from Support

I received my xTool D1 Pro 10W about a month ago. I assembled it, powered it up, and connected it to xTool’s Creative Space software. I ran a test “frame” and the machine errored on the return leg of the frame. I contacted xTool support and they sent me all new limit switches and cables. Today, I replaced all of them (while simultaneously stripping out one of the belt tension lock screws… ugh) and I still get the exact same error. Here is a video of the failure:

When I home the laser in LB, it will go home but the laser module is still about a half an inch from being all the way to the left on the X axis.

Thoughts? Ideals? I’m about ready to throw this POS in the trash and be done with it.


In LB, I get this error (sometimes) when framing:



Hard limit triggered. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden and immediate halt. Re-homing is highly recommended.

After watching Rich’s video on Alarm 1, I adjusted the xTool bed dimensions (after trial and error) to 431 (down from the manufacturer’s specifications of 432) and 400 (down from the manufacturer’s specifications of 406). As of right now, it seems like it is working… although the limit switches clearly aren’t accurate.

Now, I will need to drill out that belt tension lock screw if I ever need to replace that belt.

Unfortunately I can’t see the video, just hear the audio… not the most helpful. You can put a video on your google drive or something similar and just post the link here.

The alarm 1 indicates that the limit switch has been activated. I don’t know your machine but all of mine work by pulling the voltage to ground when activated.

What video are you referring? A link is always good…


If that means the belt tension isn’t right (or doesn’t stay right), then be alert for backlash in that axis. If the belt is noticeably loose, then homing won’t work very well at all, because the switch trip point will vary with the belt slack.

The link is already on Dropbox so it’s the same as sharing on Google drive or OneDrive; same thing.

If you’re wanting the link to Rich’s video, here that is:

But like I said already, just changing the dimensions in LB to indicate that the actual working size of the bed isn’t as large as the manufacturer suggests fixes the problem (in Lightburn). It does not fix the problem in xTool’s Creative Space software. That’s ok because I don’t use that software for anything anyway.

The belt tensions are fine/good. The lock screw on the right side wouldn’t come out and the belt tension was already correct on that side so unless I need to change the belt, I’m good for now. I doubt I would do anything that will cause the belts on this machine to need to be replaced. I’ll probably just put an allen wrench in the hole and jb-weld it on there so I can remove it… some day.