Xtool RA2 rotary w/ Ortur Lm2 & Lightburn

Just purchased a RA2 and trying to use it with my Ortur Lm2 & Lightburn

When the unit goes to move the Y axis the stepper motor on RA2 “grinds”

I realized I ordered the RA2 for there “X1” but I believe the only diff is the cable which comes (has a round connector on the unit end). The stepper has the same connector as the steppers on the Lm2 (and Lm2 rotary) so I’m using the existing cable/extension cable from my LM2 rotary

I’ve Set the machine settings as I would for my Ortur rotary - basically turning off the homing. Am I missing some other settings there

I believe the RA2 ships with a cable that supports Ortur. Suggest you try using that cable.

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there are two versions - one “for the M1” which has only one cable that has the NMEA23 connector on one end, and a round BNC type connector on the other… I unfortunately ordered that one. However, I have an Ortur rotary which has an extension cable that I’m using.

However… looking at that pic I see the middle wires are crossed on their adapter - that likely would explain… I’ll see if I can release the pin in the cable and swap those…

that was it - the RA2 adapter cable for the Ortur has the middle to pins swapped with respect to that of the Ortur rotary extension - swapped them and things are working properly now!

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