xTool S1 - Air Assist codes

Hi all,

Another question about the S1. I notice that the air assist comes on and I assume this is because of the M8 command in the code which is supposed to be “Flood Coolant ON”. However, I queried what this comand does on the S1 with xTool as I wanted to understand what power level it runs at with that and they responded with:

Upon checking, M8 is a command to check if the motor is faulty.

The command for the air assist is M15 Ax Sx Ex, A0: manual A1: auto S0~4: 0~4 level The maximum level of the command is the maximum value of the power level of the air assist.

The M15 code doesn’t appear in the g-code at all so now I’m very confused.

Can you advise?

I queried the M15 code and they’ve now changed their minds…

“I have already checked with my senior engineer. M1200 Sx is correct. x refers to the level of the air assist and we need to turn the knob to AUTO to enable the auto mode.”

This seems to be referring to xTool proprietary commands that they’ve developed to control those functions.

In typical g-code configurations M8 turns on air assist. M7 can also be configured for this but your machine needs to be setup for it. M9 disables air assist. There is no software mechanism on the LightBurn side to control strength.

It would be nice to see more control of this made available through software but in an industry standard way. Right now every manufacturer is trying to accommodate new features without any attempt at cooperation or standardization which isn’t entirely too surprising given the speed of innovation right now and inadequacy in GRBL and g-code to express these new functions.

Note that you could attempt to use the controls by configuring Macros or manually entering into Console.

From my testing today it would appear that M15 Sx is correct if sent in conjunction with a job. I have this working in a dev build of LB now.

M1200 Sx works as a manual console command and the machine responds with M15 A1 Sx.

This has been an interesting machine to work out…

Ah, that’s very interesting.

So can I add M15A4S1200 to the job start code to run the air assist at full power? Or is it simply M15S1200? I guess 1200 is rpm? I’m not clear what the max speed is though…

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