xTool S1 and Lightburn 1.4.05 Issues

Relatively new to Lighrburn, well since Christmas.

Been trying to use the program since then to do some slate coasters.and it keeps slowing down.and speeding up my laser (xTool S1). Is there anyone in here with the same laser willing to screenshot all settings they use for me along with Lightburn version they use and machine firmware and Gcode settings. I have been onto xTool help and they just suggest to keep using their XCS program saying Lightburn is still not compatible.

My laser is using latest firmware and lightburn is upto date.

I know it could be me at fault missing something but for love nor money i can’t put my finget on it.

I have followed the instructions to the letter when installing software and inputting the lbrn file into the program from xTool website.

I know this is a long shot but I have now paid for a software that I seen a lot using that isn’t working with my machine.

I have tried two pcs and a mac, it still is doing the same thing.

I am suspecting it could be my machine but want to rule everything out.

It works OK with the XCS software and no lagging just Lightburn. Hope this it allowed and some kind heartes person can help me out here and point me in the right direction.

Any help would be very helpful and i would be grateful for any pointers to resolve this issue i am having.

Thank you

Perhaps Fast Whitespace Scan is turned on:

Thankyou ednisley

This is very helpful to get some of the settings dialed in corectly

~I have just noticed your reply and I am now in the process of reaading and setting the software setting accordingly.

I will keep you informed if this works for me.

Kind Regards

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