xTool S1 Focus probe move

With the S1 I must focus before each cut. To do this I currently use ‘Frame’ to get the laser over the material and then ‘Focus Z’ (which now is on the Move window as I updated my system yesterday to use version 1.7.00). There are two issues with this:

  1. Frame means the diode goes to all 4 corners of the piece to be cut;
  2. I cut small pieces (some can be say 4 x 2 mm) – so if the piece is close to the right hand edge of the material I have to remember to move the focus probe to the left so that it is over the material.
    So I wondered if a macro could be written which would move the diode so that the focus probe was over the start position. I think that the start position is ‘known’. So I guess the macro would:
  3. Move the diode so that the laser was over the start position
  4. Move the diode the offset distance, in x and y, so that the focus probe was over the Start Position.
    Can this be done? If so, would it be possible to include the focus macro commands as an option?
    It would save a small amount of time and prevent using the focus probe in the wrong position (ie over the honeycomb bed rather than the material)?