XTools Infrared: Burns in XCS but not LightBurn

Purchased D1 Pro w/ 20w blue & 2w Infrared lasers a few weeks ago.

Stumbled around, finally have a good grasp on LightBurn, been cranking out all kinds of cool things with the 20w blue module.

Finally connected the Infrared module, and I’m having strange issues. It burns just fine running from XCS. It WILL fire when commanded from the LightBurn print/cut wizard, and will engrave clean lines at 20% pwr while being manually jogged, with a visible white dot on material.

Focus is near to perfect as possible, ramp verified.

Problem is, laser will NOT fire at all during material test or any engraving job, at any speed/power, in line or fill mode, with or without any graphics on the project board, etc. It moves about, the red dot sight stays on, fan kicks on, and it runs through the motions to engrave; but refuses to give any output whatsoever. Output is “on”, have tried with constant power mode both on and off, set to various dpi/lpi ranges, power and speed ranges, etc.

Checking XCS, my firmware is supposedly up to date.

Given the lack of problem while manually jogging with the beam on, and with any engrave job started from XCS, I can only assume I’m missing something in LightBurn.

FWIW, I had zero issues in LightBurn using the 20w blue module, this issue is unique to the 2w Infrared.

Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated!