XY Frame over size

Have a 60W OMTech laser running windows 10. Constantly getting XY Frame over size error. Have been successful with many files but others just will not run.

If I remember correctly, it’s because the job is going out of frame for a number of reasons.

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This is worth review: Ruida errors - LightBurn Software Documentation


You can get this a couple of ways, although as @LaserWillie advised, the bottom line is it’s going out of the machine work area.

You can have the ‘Job Origin’ and ‘Start From’ set incorrectly, in essence attempting to drive the machine out of it’s known limits.

It can also go out of the ‘area’ if the head needs room to slow down, reverse direction and get up to speed before it can resume engraving.

Might want to go over the Coordinate and Job Origin documentation. This and the Setup @Rick suggested should help you resolve the issue.

We are here, if you have issues… Lots of people do…

I commonly use the ‘Start From’ set to ‘User Origin’ so I can set the head position. However I use templates that require ‘Start From’ set to ‘Absolute Coordinates’ for the templates. I forget to change it, ship it to the laser and it gags. My controller usually calls it a ‘slop’ error, I think. Have to walk back in and change it…


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Found the problem, Have the software set for 28 x 20 size. Looked at the controller and found that the file was about 5 mm to large. Reduced the size and it worked like a charm


Glad to hear you are sorted. :slight_smile:

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