Y-Axis Calibration anomaly

I’m working on a commissioned project. Things were going well. Results were as expected. But then all of a sudden, the text was suddenly reformatting in an undesirable way - ruining parts of the project in process. And subsequently, I found that EVERYTHING was distorted along the Y-axis.

The photograph depicts what was actually printing. I had just completed cutting/engraving the other side and had flipped the items over to engrave the transverse.

Even after restarting Lightburn and resetting / restarting the laser cutter, I could not get it to restore or resolve. This is a paid project which I need to get out to the customer soon.

Text Formatting B - 02-10-22

Probably easier to troubleshoot if everything is off. I think you’re definitely on the right track with it being related to calibration. There was a different Topic posted several days ago about unpredictable calibration behavior.

Do you have a backup of your original configuration you could go back to?

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After a bit more “playing around,” (the ignorant person’s guide to troubleshooting), I noticed that when I use the manual arrows on the Ruida controller, pressing “down” (from the upper right origin), the gantry only goes about 1/5 of the distance, but the readout says “500 mm” when the gantry has not actually traveled 500 mm.

Then, I turned off the machine and manually moved the gantry to its outer limits, as far away from the origin as possible (i.e. toward the front of the machine).

When I turned on the machine, the gantry headed toward the origin – but stopped when it had traveled about 250 mm (not the same point where it had stopped coming from the other direction.

I cleaned the rails and the endpoint contact switch surfaces and visually inspected the unit to see if anything could be blocking the rail – but I think I would have still heard the motor trying to move the gantry unsuccessfully if that had been the case.

I also tried reconfiguring the calibration settings and writing them, but no matter what figures I used, it had no effect.

I just don’t know what would make it do that out of the blue all of a sudden. Is it software or hardware related?

You most likely do not want to reset to factory as you will be at Ruida defaults… not your specific machine defaults.

Can you attempt the calibration process again?

There was a configuration file I got once from MWLaser with a machine like mine. I can try to track that down. In the meantime, do any of these screen shots give a clue as to what might be happening?

X-axis Calibration

Y-axis Calibration

No, sorry. Not familiar enough with that machine.

One thing you may want to try is to run the calibration in RDWorks. It should be fundamentally the same but who knows.

Hopefully someone else who has seen this before can chime in.

Do you have rotary mode enabled? Go to Tools > Rotary Setup. Any time the Y axis is scaled funny this is the first thing you should check.

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Thanks, Oz. I’ve been using Lightburn for 3 years now and am always astounded at the power and facility of the program you all have produced (and keep producing).
I think I have a fairly good grasp of many of the features, but I did notice the other day that the rotary option WAS turned on. I don’t know how that happened. I have yet to set up my rotary tool and I can’t imagine any reason why I would have intentionally or unintentionally activated that feature.
Anyway, I’m still stumped, stymied, and panicked, not knowing if this is the result of some settings I may have unwittingly changed or if it is a hardware issue. It all just changed all of a sudden whenit had been working perfectly.
The latest manifestation is this: (1) on the Ruida interface, when I press the up and down arrows (y-axis) I hear a noise like a motor running, but the gantry doesn’t budge. (2) when the machine is off, I manually pull the gantry toward the front of the machine (home is back/right), and when I turn it on, the gantry moves to the right (so x = 0), but it doesn’t stop when it hits the limit – it keeps trying to go farther.
These anomalies make me wonder if it’s hardware or controller related, rather than having anything to do with Lightburn – but if you can help me rule anything else out, I’d be especially grateful because I have some customers waiting for the completion of my projects.

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