Y Axis calibration off

Hi My ortur Laser Master 2 work well using GRBL software (Bought in sept, 2020)

I bought Lightburn software 2 or 3 weeks ago. Version 9.1.19
But when using Lightburn the Y axis is completely OFF (5.5. time the supposed value)
I draw an 1 inch Square the the actual burning result was a rectangle of 5.5 inches in Y and 1 inch in X.
I try to fix the problem by calibrating the Y axis.
It was working on the burning result 1 inch sqaure.
But If I return for displacement for the Y axis the movement of the machine is 5.5 time shorter.

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I’m having similar if not the same issue. I’ve tried restoring it back to default settings and imstill having the same issue. Let me know if u find a solution

My problem was solved yesterday.
The rotation axis was set at ON
i turn OFF, try to burn my 1 inch square and it’s was perfect

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