Y Axis Inversion

I don’t know if this belongs in the Hardware or Software topic.

Here is a problem from the first time I fired up my laser. To get anything to engrave or cut correctly I have to invert the the Y axis in the control software. I’m using Lightburn, but I had the same problem when I was running RDWorks.

The origin of the machine is in the upper left hand corner of the bed.

Has anyone else seen this or similar problem?

I submitted this on the RDWorksLab forum and found the machine setting to invert the key pad Y axis movements, but to engrave/cut still requires inverting the Y axis.

Is there a setting in the software that will invert the Y axis when the job is sent to the laser but not show it inverted in the display?

There is keypad Y axis, and then there is actual Y axis in the vendor settings. I think they call it polarity.

There are a couple different things likely at play here. The Ruida has a machine origin that is where the unit seeks when you first power it up - that’s where the homing switches are, and on DSPs, that’s the origin. In Edit > Device Settings, your ‘Origin’ dot should be set to that corner. If you have this correct, what comes out of the machine should match the screen in LightBurn.

The Ruida controller has a display origin setting as well, independent of the machine settings. On the controller, press the Z/U button, then navigate to Screen Origin in the menu and change it to match.

The key direction buttons are also independent - If the jog buttons on the controller are sending the laser in the wrong direction, you can change the Key Direction setting in Edit > Machine Settings for each axis (at the bottom) to change those.

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