Y-axis is not working correctly

on my bodar engraver when trying to engrave any image the sizing is inccorect as well as after trying to reset my engraver the machine now only goes so far on my y-axis it stops towards te top of my work station and will not go anymore. the x -axis left and right work correctly but up and down tops pretty close to the top and will not move even if machine is reset.

Elaborate, what/how did you reset the Ruida?

Did you save the vendor settings somewhere before the reset?


i didn’t save anything, and im sorry im actually a complete newbie but on the ruida controller there is a reset button and then I completely y turned on and off and the laser would move to the corner but would just stay there. doesn’t move around the board like it usually does and so when i went to move it it only went so far down

If you just pressed the ‘reset’ button on the console, that’s not a worry. When you do that, it’s pretty much the same as a power cycle reset.

Your ‘manufacturer’ or vendor buys a Ruida for a particular machine they build. Then they program the vendor settings such as work size, motor steps and so forth. If you go into the controller and reset to factory defaults all of the vendor data will be lost.

You can easily make a backup, if you’re connected, “Edit → Machine settings” and ‘save’ the data.

It’s easy and real nice if you confuse something or lose a controller…

After a reset (no need to cycle power), what are the x, y coordinates in the console?

Can you move the head with the console arrows?

Your description is not easy to follow…


im sorry im not great at explaining im unsure on lot of what im doing and no with the arrows the head will go side to side but not up and down very far like usual. and im not sure on the coordinates how would i find that out?

On the machine ‘console’, my x, y are zero.

This is during a reset. and the Ruida is showing it’s firmware version. My Z is not configured to home and shows 3000, after the boot, which is the default when it can’t home.

I’ve been that way for almost 68 years… :crazy_face:

There would be no need of a forum if we ‘knew it all’ and we don’t learn by osmosis, so if it’s not clear, we’d rather make it clear so you understand what you are doing. If you don’t understand the procedure you may not perform the procedure correctly, with incorrect results.

Hopefully, you will learn more and be able to troubleshoot these issues with little or no help… then you can stop by here and help others…

  1. what are the x and y after a boot/reset?
  2. how far can you run an axes using the console arrows? Read the mm out of the console…


You may have rotary mode accidentally enabled.

Check LightBurn>LaserTools>Rotary Setup.

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