I have an Atomstack X7 Pro 50 w
The physical laser location is not what the grid says. According to the physical X & Y rails the laser is sitting at Y0, X15. The MOVE window says it is sitting @ X17.50 & Y-156.99. When I Zoom out on the grid thereby making it smaller it clearly shows the crosshair (laser location ) way below the grid. Hence the -156.99 Y location. Its no wonder my perfect circles are tall and narrow not perfect circles. How do I fix this??? I can only assume this is why perfect circles arent, But no matter what i attempt to engrave the height is always more than what it states, just about twice what it should be. I attempted to adjust the % by 50% but that didnt work. I do have a distinct idea this all stared when i attempted to use the R3 roller which engraved words backwards as well as all letters were backward.
I cannot engrave or cut anything at this point because the Y parameters are always gonna be wrong. It may say that the circle is 20X20 but when its engraved its more H40x W20. And that is for anything I try. Until I can figure this out im stuck with a 20lb door stop. Any and all suggestions are welcome

This is unusual. Let’s take this one step at a time. Please reply specifically to each question.

  1. I’ve heard the ruler marks on the Atomstack are not necessarily accurate. Can you compare against a known good reference?
  2. Can you confirm that your laser does a homing cycle at startup? To what corner does the laser home?
  3. Can you check get position immediately after restarting your laser? What is the position listed?
  4. Do a comprehensive mechanical check of your laser. I suspect you’re losing steps which is causing your negative coordinates as well as the distorted shapes.
    4a. triple check your belts. Make sure there is no slack in your belts. They need to be taught without being streteched.
    4b. check the pulley on the stepper shafts. Make sure they are not slipping. Retighten the grub screw and make sure it’s seated on the flat portion of the shaft.
    4c. good to do this for the whole machine but focus on the Y-axis.

Report back findings please and again, try to carefully answer each question.