Y-axis issue on smoothie

Hi guys, my head rams the front of my Gentry and I can’t get it to not do it. I’m running a smoothie board. An other way to put it is how do I set max travel from end stop?

Hav you set all the ‘area’-type parameters, calibrated your steps, engaged your end-stops, set direction, etc.?

There are some predefined templates for various machines - does yours match anything already built?

The machine was running fine till I changed from stock laser head to a better adjustable one. The new laser head has a tube which is longer and wider for the air assist. The old air assist nozzle used to almost touch the bottom of the Gantry (front). Unfortunately with the k40 the end stops are in the back left. It now rams the front whenever it goes to the origin.

So you have a K40?

Correct sir.

In the config file on the smoothie device, change the beta_max value. The default is 200, though some people increase it to get extra travel. The system homes against the limit switch in the rear, and then uses this number to determine where the origin is, relative to that rear switch. Lowering it will move the origin point forward.

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