Y axis overscale error

After weeks of use with no problems my laser is suddenly giving me an error that reads: “y axis overscale”. If I am trying to etch the only option is “esc” to cancel. If I am trying to frame the work to see if I am on target, I get two options: esc to cancel and ent to proceed. If I press ent it will then correctly frame the work.

I have a Chinese 60 watt laser with a Ruida controller running the latest version of Lightburn. I am using a chuck rotary connected to the y axis and have all my settings correct. I did not change anything. This error just started out of nowhere and I cannot etch anything now. I have tried everything I can think of - resetting numerous times, updating Lightburn to the latest version, restoring older machine settings, etc. Nothing works.

Still working on this problem. I have noticed that the actions of the rotary when resetting have changed. It used to spin slowly in each direction, then finish with a quick spin. Now it spins rapidly first and then spins slowly in each direction. This does not appear to be either a machine setting issue or a Lightburn issue. I am really stumped and could use a little help here.

Fixed it. It was the origin button. Silly.

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