Y-axis scaling issue on Trocen TL-3120

I’ve used Lightburn for a few years but have purchased a new (larger) laser using a Trocen controller. Everything seems to work fine with one exception: My X-axis seems to come up undersized and the Y-axis seems to be oversized. The Trocen controller doesn’t appear to have a menu to set the steps/mm and I’m not sure if Lightburn is doing the steps calculation or the controller is. I found some other forum posts saying that there are calibration options for the Ruida controller, which is also a DSP, so I’m wondering if Lightburn is generating the code in steps rather than mm.

Does anyone know whether Lightburn or the Trocen controller need to be reconfigured and, if so, how I go about doing so?

For reference: My X-axis is coming up about 0.5% (0.5mm/100mm) undersized and my Y-axis is doing about the same oversized. The axes do seem to be perpendicular.

Making boxes to fit together is tricky :slight_smile:

Can anyone help?

Just found the technical manual (in Chinese) for the TL-3120 and found an answer to my own question. The calibration menu for the controller may be accessed by pressing Stop and Shift simultaneously and then the axis calibration is self-explanatory. It even does the steps/mm calculation for you, when you press enter on the calibration item it asks you how big you expected something to be and how big you measured it to be, then adjusts accordingly.


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Yep. The Trocen controllers are pretty painless to set up once you figure out how to access the various menus.

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