Y Axis Stretched on Rotary

Me again…you guys are a huge help. I researched before I asked - and I found the question was asked on 2/24 with topic name Rotary Device Set up. I thought it would fix my problem. My Y Axis is stretched. I calculated my steps per rotation and fixed it. Reran my file and I got the same stretch - just to make sure I sent the file to the laser to make sure it rec’d the correct settings.
I have a Thunder, Nova 35, 100W machine. I have a 7 pin rotary with a 5 pin cord (thinking this is my issue but not sure.) Thunder and the gentleman I bought the laser from tell me that LightBurn does not support my rotary and that I will need to use RD Works - so I download RD Works (which I would prefer to just use LightBurn - but the say it doesn’t work so I do it…) Same issue in RD Works - Y Axis is stretched. I know I don’t have a software issue as I got the same result in both programs - I am wondering if I have a hardware issue or a settings issue. ANY help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am starting to think I made a bad decision with my purchase as I explained that doing tumblers would be a big part of my business. I have orders for almost 100 tumblers and I can’t run them…

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this?

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