Y axis travel rate per stepper rotaion setting?

Brain is going to mush…
I know I’ve seen the answer somewhere before, but i just recently turned my no-name/chinese 3018 into a 3036… (300x360mm work area now… :P)
the problem is the new lead screw for my Y axis is different.
(I forget the correct terms, )
but now it travels twice as far… IE a move of 10mm is actualy 20mm on the machine.
I know there was a setting for this, but I cant find it…

thanks in advance!

You’ll need to adjust the steps/mm setting in GRBL:

$100, $101 and $102 – [X,Y,Z] steps/mm

Or you can use LightBurn to help calibrate if you go to Edit->Machine Settings->Calibrate Axis.

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Thank you much!
I knew it was something simple like that.
Machines been apart for like 3weeks while fabbed/adapted parts lol.

I was looking around in lightburn settings itself, for some reason i was thinking it was in there… lol