Y axis won't move after slop error

My Boss Laser 1420 has been behaving great for a year

just did a simple job and got a slop error but it ran

but now, the head will only move x, not y

can’t send a job to the device, or frame something

screen says ‘temp file’

I’ve deleted all files

I’ve restarted twice

I can move the head in the y direction manually (using my hand)

help would be most welcome. thank you

That machine uses servos… I wonder if you have an encoder down on Y axis… Perhaps check on the servo motor that all your connections are tight. I have seen many DSP controllers also just simply run out of usable memory. You said you deleted all files. My older DSP AWC708c has two directories for files. One for Udisk (files loaded from USB) and another just called “file” (files loaded from PC) I have to periodically go and manually delete both directories to correct a similar error. For some odd unexplainable reason my DSP controller puts files in both directories when I upload from Lightburn… but not all the time. lol

thanks, I’ll try that.

appreciate it.

This is Chinese for I can’t do what you are asking me to do

And a clear indication you are attempting to drive it out of the working area… more than likely too close to one edge of the work area…

It’s a warning, if you ignore it the ensuing chaos is on your shoulders.

Probably closed loop… described in this link

You should be able to press reset and the machine should perform a home operation… and be fine…

Does it?


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thanks @jkwilborn

I accept full responsibility

alas, reset causes it to reset, but resetting doesn’t seem to do much other than show on the control panel that it’s resetting…

When it resets does it work?


update: The proximity sensor was the problem. When the head moved back, it bumped into the sensor. Thanks to help from Kyle at boss, all I had to do with restore it to vertical and move it forward half an inch.

Posting here for the next person

thanks all.

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