Y Slop Over Error

I am switching from RDWorksv8 to LightBurn.

In RDWorks I have several design layouts saved for things I cut often. To get these into LightBurn I have been exporting the file as a .ai file then importing that into LB. This worked for several, but when I got to one of the files, it started to give the error “Y Slop Over”. Nothing in the file is outside the boundaries of the bed. If I try to go back and reload one of the files that was previously working, now it gives the same error.

No matter I load now it gives the Y Slop Error.

What ‘Start From’ mode are you using, and how is your design to the edge of your workspace, or your laser’s starting position to the physical edge of your bed? If you use ‘Absolute Coords’ are you seeing the same error?

Once I changed it to Absolute Coords and moved it down from the edge it seems to work. Thank you.

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