Yellow button on back of laser?

Im having trouble with my y-axis not working and while inspecting the back of my laser i found a yellow button that sort of looks like a target and was not sure what it was.

What type of Ruida is it?

A picture would probably help…

You can check the motor drivers to ensure that all have no red leds illuminated.


and im sorry where do i go to check this?

Open the electronics cabinet…

These are the motor drivers…

Green arrow pointing at led status…


Seems like a proximity sensor:

It’s probably a homing switch for whichever axis runs perpendicular to its face.

After the machine boots, hold a screwdriver up to it and see if it reacts… It’s hard, from the picture, to tell where it is in relation to the other ‘parts’…

Here is a short video for checking the switches. It appears very much like these hall effect homing switches.


so there were no lights on before after i clicked it these are the ones that turned on

as well as 14 is blinking, and i may be incorrect about them not being on before i actually cant remember im sorry.

Mine sits there and blinks also…

The number 9 led is your water protect circuit.

The Illuminated leds on the home/limit switches caught my eye…

I’m not used to a machine that has both homing and limit switches. I’d like to see a ‘larger’ view of these :pray:

Generally these show only when active, which is generally low for Ruida, but can be configured the opposite, however I don’t know what happens to these leds, I’d assume they indicate a low status and the controller interprets it by the controllers settings.

Whatever the settings are, two of the settings are for the U axes, and those are not connected. I have to assume that the ‘polarity’ of the limit switches are set to ‘true’… It would then be correct for them to be illuminated…

  1. does it boot properly?
  2. what do you do next or causes the issue?
  3. Clarify “my y-axis not working”


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