Yet another AI double line topic

I’ve seen a number of threads regarding lightburn importing AI files with rasterized stroke rather than paths, resulting in the “shape” of the stroke generating two outlines with a narrow gap.
This is a new issue for me, as I have dozens of files created in the same way and saved in the same way, but only the most recent file imports with double outlines.

Right now i’m working with a new file and a file from about a year or so ago. Both files have a red 1pt stroke. I’ve even re-saved the old file using the exact same settings and format as the new file, but I can’t replicate the double lined import.
I suspect the issue is with AI, but so far can’t seem to get viable resolution. Any ideas?

To prevent a further spread of madness for whoever finds this, the solution was to change the stroke alignment from outside to center in illustrator. Anything besides center will treat the stroke as a shape with an outline instead of a path.

I don’t know if it’s an issue with illustrator exporting the path this way or with lightburn importing it. Either way, it only cost my sanity to figure it out.

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That’s a valuable piece of information!

The usual double-line problem comes from having LightBurn trace a raster image into paths, producing a pair of closely spaced paths along what started as a single line. Hilarity ensues.

Now that we (well, I) know it’s possible to produce the same result without bouncing off a raster image, maybe we can avoid some confusion.

Thanks for digging that out!

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