Yet another double line question

So I have read through a tone of threads trying to find a similar question with no luck.

I know that the optimization will remove overlapping lines. My question however, is there a way to save file as a svg or lightburn files AFTER it has optimized? It seems it only removes the lines when sending to the laser.

I ask because generally I have ways of removing doubles in Corel or lightburn. But recently I’ve been working with large map files that have TONS of interior/exterior shapes etc…for some reason I keep getting the files with double lines and have found no good way to deal with them.

The delete overlap seems to work PERFECTLY in my use case and would love to be able to output a corrected files as simply as clicking the one button seems to be able to do.

I had a lot of trouble with them until I started using the smart fill tool in in CorelDraw.

Yeah that’s what I normally use, but with a large map there are TONS of individual pieces that would have to be filled, and it becomes a very tedious task. Its frustrating that lightburn handles it with one toggle, but there’s no way to save the results.

Yeah, lots of bits can be a PITA. I usually set my nudge well over the width of my design, then fill and nudge my way through it. Once I think I have them all, group them and nudge them back to see what I missed.

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