Yeti Cup Engraving Issues

Hello everyone, I am having an issue with my Ortur Laser Pro 2 or my Lightburn software. The problem I am having and it wasn’t until recently is that my laser isn’t burning through all the paint and the engraving area is left with a tinge of whatever color cup I burn on the stainless engraved area. Trying to troubleshoot this new problem and was wondering if anyone has problems with this as well.

Very common, turn up your power and/or slow it down. It can actually make it worse though if it is too high, you need to practice and see what works best unfortunately. There will always be particulate left over as well no matter what the laser. Get a good chrome polisher and a magic eraser and get ready to scrub.

There can be a couple of main reasons…

Clean optics…

If the focus has changed for some reason… that’s where the power is actually concentrated… Proper focus is required.

Use a ramp test to determine that, if you haven’t… it can change if things loosen up. One of mine changed a few mm, never did figured out how that happened.

Lasers are consumables and wear out… It’s nice to have a wattmeter for the specific laser frequency, but most of us can’t afford that type of stuff.

I am waiting on a new tube for my laser…


Know of any tutorials on cleaning the optics? I tried that but now sure if I did it correctly.

I am toying with that. Gonna go get some of the powdered bar keepers fried (no bleach) and see that’ll help out.

For Ortur LM2P I just use rubbing alcohol on the tip of a q-tip

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