YMotion Error: 150004 Please help

YMotion Error: 150004
Please explain. Its causing a LOT of problems with my work. Such as the image below. Its happening more often than not.
You can see in the lines how the module seems to shake as it moves. It does not do this often. I have cleaned the entire frame and module, added some oil to the wheels and bars to help it move along, and I still am having this error. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out what’s wrong. Thanks for your help.


If you’re willing to share the lbrn or lbrn2 file you can drag and drop it into a reply here.
I’d be happy to take a look.

The Error message is unfamiliar to me. I’ve not seen it mentioned before.
It could be an outcome of one of xTool’s Firmware Enhancements.


I dont believe its the file. Ive used this file many times before today. The problem began after i did the Firmware uodate for Xtools XCS.

That’s interesting.

When your xTool D1 connects to LightBurn, there is a version number that appears in the Console window when it first connects.

Please copy and paste that version number into a reply here.

That version number should be complete enough to tell us if it’s the base model or Pro model firmware and if something novel has happened on their end.

Copy & paste: Waiting for connection…



[xTool D1Pro:ver B3]

Thanks for finding and sharing that.

It looks like firmware for xTool D1 Pro was updated on August 29th.
V40.31.003.01 B4

I would test the firmware offered through this article:

That was the update I had before this update I sent you came out.

This ticket can be closed. The problem was with the mechanics of the frame. All is ok!

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