Yora 6550 LightBurn and controller trouble

Hello LightBurn Community!

I’m new to the laser engraving community, I just finished assembling the Yorahome 6550.

I’m having trouble setting up the accuracy of this machine, been reading on how the yorahome motors run a little fast for some liking and how there are settings you have to match to the motor steps. But I don’t know where to start, at first my machine was telling me that the work area was way out of bounds. So I fixed that, I set all the parameters but I don’t want to be trying any buttons or wild switches here, I don’t want my gears to grind again, it happened twice but nothing to concerned. I’ve been trying to make a simple demo just to see if everything works as it should but my major problem now is that my CNC head wants to go double to almost triple the length it should be going. I don’t know what settings to change, I’ve looked around the yora and lightburn forums and some youtube videos but I can’t seem to find that explanation in the hay stacks.

I’m hoping a kind experienced user can help find and sort out this culprit to why this is happening!
I have provided pictures to where I would like it and where the CNC head actually moves to.

My settings are:


Thank you!

The following is worth review to check your setup: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

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