Yora Laser Position not repeating after homing

I have a Yora 40 watt laser mounted on a Yora silverback CNC. I’m set up in Absolute Cor. It works fine when I do a burn. Then I’ll come back the next day or later on that day. Rehome it and try to burn the same item. My wood is set up in exactly the same spot it was in before. Nothing has moved in lightburn. When I went to burn it was off about .100". Rehomed it and still off same amount. Now its fine when I send it to a finish spot and reburn something, goes right back to same spot. Only when I rehome the laser, it’s off. Can anyone help me this issue. Thanks

Various lasers have different levels of repeatability for homing, although .1" seems excessive. This may be what you’re experiencing.

First check to make sure that your limit switches are well secured and that there’s absolutely no movement if you try to engage them. Also make sure that whatever part of the laser is meant to engage with the switches are free of debris or anything that might otherwise interfere with the activation.

If those things are fine, then you could potentially adjust the homing configuration to see if you can get a more reliable home location. Other than that, you could potentially get different switches with better repeatability.

GRBL $24 is home feed rate in mm/minute. It’s the speed after first activation at which it will reengage the switches for the second time. Try reducing this speed and see if this improves repeatability.