Yorahome 6550 and Lightburn 9.24 issues

I just got my Yorahome 6550 set up and attached to Lightburn. A couple of issues that I’m having. If I let Lightburn find my laser, it sets the firmware to GRBL -M# (1.1e or earlier) It also sets my workspace at about 8x8" which is certainly not correct. So what I did was add it manually, select GRBL and set my workspace at X-650 Y-500.

2 issues that I’m having:

  1. All my designs look good in the software, and in the preview, however when it burns it on the wood, it’s backwards on the X axis.
  2. My laser leaves transverse marks as it moves from one object to another for some reason.

How do I fix these 2 issues? What is the proper firmware for the Yorahome 6550 and why does the Lightburn software not find it and have the correct workspace size?

Have a look at this section of our documentation, covering both issues. The first is having the Device Origin set correctly, and the traversal lines are most likely a firmware setting. Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

What firmware is currently installed and running on this motion control motherboard? What do you see displayed in the ‘Console’ window when first trying to connect?