You freaking reset the fire button power on a software update and set it at 20%?

Who does that? I destroyed a very expensive work piece because of it, it burned a rectangle into it while framing. I only have a 40w laser, if someone had a more powerful one who knows what kind of damage could be caused. I honestly can’t believe LB does this and you guys need to make a note or announcement somewhere. This is dangerous.

To compensate me for not only the damaged material but also my emotional distress, embarrassment for it causing me to wet myself, the fact that I’m not quite 6’ tall I demand either $10 million or to be ignored.

Are you absolutely certain that the update caused this? I’ve never seen the Fire button power change with any update. Even if the device were recreated it would default with Fire button disabled and at 0% power.

I have, however, at times either forgotten or accidentally focused the Fire % field and scrolled with the mousewheel thinking I was focused on the workspace and changed values inadvertently without noticing. Could something like this have occurred?