Your Opinion on Johnsons Fine Wood Paste Wax & Odies Oil

Greetings laser family. I have heard good things about this


Does anyone here use it? Some apply it before the laser engraving. …Sounds like toxic fumes to me.

I am currently using Odies oil for polishing my wood pieces …not cheap but I really like it and a little goes a long way …anyone else like it.


Cheers :beers:


Ive not used either, but I may try the Odie’s now that you mention it. I usually go the easy route and apply Danish Oil.

OMG, it is $110.

  • I am a cheap bastard
  • That’s the price of quality
  • I told you it was pricey
  • Wow, that IS expensive

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It ends up being cheaper because a little does go a long way. Once you try it you will be hooked.

This is the usual size it comes in a lot cheaper



I use a beeswax product for my woodwork, it does not grease, does not get rancid and is very easy to use. It gives the wood a fine patina, protects woodwork and does not smell of chemistry. The price for 1l is about $ 30.

Odies is based on beeswax. I’m a beekeeper I have some great beeswax. I can send you a piece

You are ALSO a beeskeeper?
Off Topic: However… I have used beeswax to harden my leather bottles.
Which is great but after a while it gets a white sheen (and one needs to polish it again or apply heat)

Hi Sasquatch,
Your offer is very friendly, thank you very much. But, I even have bees in my garden which gives me the most delicious honey and lovely beeswax.
(amazing how many LB friends there are with bees - nice) :honeybee:

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:raising_hand_man: bees here too.

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I also keep bees and make my own wood polish. :slight_smile:

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@Wildbeeproducts @Stroonzo @sensor @travisr100 I am so glad to hear that besides the love for lasers we all share another common thread…beekeeeping

My favorite beeswax wood polish & protectant recipe is

2 parts beeswax
6-8 parts olive oil (6 if you want a firmer polish, 8 if you want your polish to be a little softer)

Double boiler method use a mason jar in a water bath.



Thanks Sasquatch, but I use food grade mineral oil, as olive oil can go rancid. :slight_smile: 50/50 gives a nice firm wax. I love it how it looks after being buffed on the lathe. :smiley:

Which reminds me - I need to go melt down the last harvest. :wink:

I use a sun melter. It makes the lightest wax.

The olive oil is an old world recipe. I come from a Greek & Italian bloodline and mineral oil/paraffin wax was frowned upon as it’s petroleum based. The elders always said if you can not drink it you should not put it on your cutting boards now matter who tells you it’s OK to do so.

All the elders n my family lived long lives so I am sure they did a few things right.



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I don’t keep bees, but I do love honey bees. I always explain to my children to not be scared of the random bees coming around interested in what we may be eating or drinking.

I had a neighbor beekeeper for many years and I learned so much about bee-havior (pun intended: I learned a lot about bees and their behaviors).

Hmmm. Would EAR wax work? :ear: :nauseated_face:

Neahhh …I think buggers will make it stick better :nose: :clinking_glasses:

You are funny what is the significance of your avatar?


It’s an album cover.

harvest time :yum:

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You should get a whiter suit.

:honeybee: Did you know ? :honeybee:

Why are beekeeping suits white?

Beekeepers wear white beekeeping suits because white is the least attractive to an angry Honey Bee. Honey Bees become angry when they feel threatened and animals that are a threat to the hive are not white. For many centuries the bear was a big threat, and now that color is imprinted in the Honey Bee’s DNA.

Honey Bees pretty much ignore the color white and are much less likely to become agitated with a beekeeper as they are servicing their beehive.

White beekeeping suits are also much cooler than any other color choice and that will make a huge difference when you are out mid-day working with your bees.



So polar bears will be the demise of the honey bee?

Sorry for the delay, I was in the laundry with my suit !!! But, it still looks dirty. I hope my bees are color blind! :rofl: