Your settings for 60w orion motor tech laser or others for cast acrylic cut & engraving

Looking through thet search area for these settings but not finding anything. I am trying to engrave on cast acrylic & do a second pass for a cutout. Any recommendations on settings ? My google-fu isn’t up to par today

Knowing the thickness of your material would help.

For a 60W, cutting 3mm PMMA, start at 30mm/sec, 90% power.
For a light engrave, try 250mm/sec at 90% power.
For a deep engrave, try 150mm/sec at 90% power.

But one thing about operating lasers is experimenting to find the perfect setting.

Your 60W tube won’t be the same as mine. Your machine won’t have the same controller or steppers or power supply, which is why you need to calibrate each material yourself on your own machine.

Make a set of five 10mm squares, with power scale settings at 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100% power. Set your machine to 30mm/s and 90% and run the file - pick the best result and work out what the speed/power is for that combination.

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AH yes, haha. I am cutting / engraving 1/8 inch thick cast acrylic. I will do some test runs today. Thank you :slight_smile:

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