YouTube information videos

I would personally like to thank the people responsible for the information in the Lightburn YouTube videos. I spent the other afternoon watching some of them as I was away from home and had no laser to play with or computer with Lightburn installed. Great set of resources and after I got home, I had the tutorial going on one monitor and Lighburn on another one. I kept stopping and starting the YouTube to have a go at what was being shown. Even though some dealt with very early releases of Lightburn, they were still helpful in getting my head around how the program works. I had access to AutoCAD while teaching at school, but no longer have that, and since getting a license for Lightburn to drive my new laser (got one a few weeks ago), I’m learning what it can do. Maybe my experience with AutoCAD (for over 20 years) helps, but Lightburn is very easy to pick up. There are some things I did in AutoCAD and would like to do in Lightburn, and they may be there, I just haven’t found them yet (I realise Lightburn is not AutoCAD though). Keep up the great work.


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