Z-axid switch wiring diagram

z axis up/down wiring diagram for ruida6442-gb with Leadshine DMA860H Stepper Motor Driver 200KHz 18-80V AC Driver Controller 7.2A Driver for nem/ nema34 86/2-Phase Stepper Motor Stepping Motor

all depends what type of limit switches you plan on using. most of the 3 wire switches 1 to GND 1 to 5 Volts the other to Input Z- or Z+

Probably not Z+.

The + markings on these usually indicate ‘crash’ switches that are ‘outside’ of the work area. During homing operations only the - input is monitored by the Ruida. After homing, they are ignored.

My guess is it’s ‘homing’ the Z axes and you would use the - input.

There must be someone here that has this operational.

I looked at doing this, but my Z table has an odd ‘wobble’ from the screws being bowed a bit… so didn’t pursue it.

Good luck


Harry Beeman 9:27 AM (2 minutes ago)
sorry for the misunderstanding Bachman Courtermache. it is a diagram for a center off 3 position toggle dpdt switch. i already have the z +/- switches wired ,Thanks

Wobble on mine also so i replaced them with Ball screws from cloudray laser source thanks for the suggestion, Jack. wiring in the stepper motor and driver for it now.

Hi Jack, I used The Z- for the auto focus switch and the Z + for Z home at the top of the table Z stroke those are working fine ATM.
adding the manual Z control switch yet to be finished.

Dealing with their notation I was suspicious that there could be another use. If it’s working for you then that’s pretty clear on it’s operation. Thanks for confirmation.

Did you have to modify any of the laser parts for a fit?

A photo would be nice… :pray:


many mods to table and machine i would have bought a machine with a better Z axis if i had to do it again! i will send some pics soon

I replaced the head within about a month of receiving the machine…

So I get it… Didn’t realize the Z table was, well like it is…


I use both Z- and Z+ but have never tried going to the + limit to see if it triggers. I had purchased a autofocus but sent it back cause it was DOA. Never tried to setup again.

i got a cloudray unit, check MW laser You tube videos for some great tips! the auto fccus needs an adapter ring in most setups to adapt it to the lense tube od to id sizes, it wires up just like the sensor switches. but to Z - on the controller. inputs. cheers

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Thanks! Yes i have supported cloudray over the years and have been very happy except for my autofocus. No need now though i got my table calibrated within a few thou and when i set the material thickness in lightburn away it goes.

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brad, i got my wiring sorted and the zed working, thanks for your suggestions, but i must agree the the cloudray Auto foccos pen sucks with current Light burn and Ruida software versions of how it can be used, it is just a damn switch but they do not give us any control over how it is used i few more options such as retract a mount and the real zed zero offset would be very handy to start imho, I am working on wiring diagrams for my china blue setup and will post them soon Harry B

Hi Jack thanks for you time an interest, i got my zed axis sorted and configured all is working and playing together nicely now.I am working on wiring diagrams for my china blue setup and will post them soon the stepper wiring was a chore but the configuration after was even worse, Harry B

photos end of next week i promise and copies of my wiring and configs for Ruida 6442 g controller, Harry B i must admit and thank Brad at MW laser and Russ for many tips along the way.

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