Z Axis activation again

Do I have any control of raising or lowering the z axis from the GUI. I can read the position from the move page but the z speed and up/down buttons are greyed out. Cannot find in device setup anyway to activate Z axis as per the manual.

Trocen controllers do not allow control of the Z axis during a job, at least as far as I have been able to find.

Ok Thanks.
So no way to move the z axis at all. Not even when not doing a job?

There are jog buttons for Z on the move pane, but that’s the only control you (or I) have. I’ve reached out to one of the Trocen engineers for confirmation.

Yes I know there are jog buttons but mine are greyed out. I cannot even select the Z axis in device settings as there is nothing there as per my screenshot above. Have I missed something?

I’ll have to double check - I might not have those active at all. LightBurn has two jogging modes - discrete moves, like “Set X to 10.0mm” and continuous jogging, which is more recent. Trocen might only support continuous on the Z axis. It’s been a while since I’ve looked.

Oz, I get that but as I said earlier I have no way of activating Z axis in the device settings. There is nothing there relating to z in device settings.

As I said, Trocen gives me almost no control of the Z in software, so you won’t have the option to enable the Z. The jog buttons normally work even if you don’t have Z enabled, but with the Trocen controller they’re disabled because I have only found a way to move the Z with continuous moves, not discrete steps.

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