Z axis activation

I’m doing my first test with lightburn with the 30 days trial. Your soft is perfect but I have no check mark to activate the Z axis, I use a controller dsp 608,
I will have a large order where I need to change the Z axis position bewteen 2 layers
We can’t control Z axis with lightburn currently ?
Have a got a approximate date with this update ?
Thank you

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As far as I know, Trocen controllers do not have the ability to alter the Z axis during a cut. I have found nothing in LaserCAD that will do this, so I have sent a message to Trocen to ask if this is even possible, and if so, if they will share the commands with me to do so.

+1 for me, I need also to adjust the Z offset

Regards, Olivier

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Ok thank you for telling us the trocen’s feedback :slight_smile:
Otherwise I will probably have to buy a Riuda in the following months :frowning:
Thank you

Trocen has responded - there is no way to do this with their hardware.

Too bad, thank you for your quick feedback

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