Z axis continuous jog reversed

Up is down and down is up.

You have not said, which version of LightBurn are you running? Known issue that was fixed in an earlier version, so this is why I ask. What OS version are you running?

Latest and greatest. I wouldn’t use an older version to report a bug. I would update then re-test.
But, you cannot know that about me. That said, it is the 0.9.11 version : )
Only reverses when the “Continuous Jog” switch is on.

Thank you for reporting and clarity of the LightBurn version number. I see Ruida listed in your profile, thank you for that. Which Ruida controller model drives this laser? And again, OS including version number?

This issue is known and thought to be resolved, so any additional information to help us reproduce here is helpful.

I tested this on my own laser (a Thunder Nova 24) and it works exactly as expected. On your machine, which direction does the table move? Negative movement should raise the table (zero being the focus point) and positive movement should move the table down, away from the laser.

I get table up when I press the up arrow table down when I press the down arrow.

When I activate the continuous jog switch it works as a continuous jog but the direction is reversed…Up arrow moves table down. Down arrow moves table up…until I let go of the button as is expected.

I understood that from your original post - let me rephrase - Where is Z=0 on your machine vs Z=100?

Originally the arrow keys were reversed. You corrected that so now my arrows buttons move the table appropriately up to the Z origin=0. All the way down and away from the head is like 3000.

That’s bizarre - My laser behaves correctly with the continuous jog, and the coordinates are the same, so I don’t understand why yours are different.

What’s your ‘Key Direction’ setting for the Z axis in Edit > Machine Settings?


Try turning off “Invert Keypad Direction” for that axis.

I set it that way so when I don’t use continuous jog the arrows indicate the direction the table will move. So won’t it just switch backt to the way I don’t want? Not at my machine currently?

Keypad direction is a controller setting that affects the direction buttons on the controller. I didn’t think it would affect the ones in LightBurn.

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