Z Axis Control for Avoidance

Has there been any advance in the control of the Z Axis for the purposes of obstacle avoidance?
I have a fixture which holds 12 nested parts. Each part has an up-stand which extends above the laser nozzle. Be nice to be able to program a Z lift between parts.

How far above the material does the obstacle extend?

About 20mm. I have 12mm clearance from the nozzle to the engraving surface. My “workaround” right now is to program dummy, 2% power engraves away from the up-stands to manoeuvre around them.

Wait… nevermind. EDIT you have a Diode… I had linked to a previous post of mine suggesting, but obviously (now that I realize you have a diode) this will not apply to you.

Not sure how you concluded I was using a diode. I’m using a 100w co2.


So the linked suggestion could be useful for you if you’re using a 100w CO2.

I saw this as well @Stroonzo.

@Wheelz, please keep this profile up to date, so we do not have to ask each time you post, or provide responses that are not appropriate based on what we can see. It wastes everyone’s time.

Ah yes. About a year old. Needs updating, lol.

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