Z-axis control for Galvo lasers?

I have a UV galvo laser with a motorized Z-axis. The application is cutting some exotic materials. Each pass removes only a tiny amount of material (say 50 microns), then I need to set focus again.

Let’s say I am cutting a circular disk. I need to make one cutting pass (or some number of cutting passes) and then lower the Z-axis a fixed amount and cut again.

I have been reading the docs and I see the 3D engrave mode and the “3D sliced engravings” mode and the “repeat marking tool” might be able to do this.

Is what I want to do currently possible in Lightburn?

The simple answer at this time is no…

One of the changes in the boards for EZCad3 is the extra axes or the Z axes, but as far as I know it’s not supported by Lightburn, yet.

I didn’t get the motorized Z axes… Thought it was only available with the unsupported EZCad3 controller…?


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