Z axis control on galvo for 3D engraving on the cheaper BJJCZ boards using TTL outputs

Good morning clever lightburn people,

I have recently bought a LMCV4-Fiber-M control board with rotary control. Ultimately, z control would be great with 3D engraving (which is something I’m sure the dev’s will get around to doing). Although the more expensive JCZ cards have this control, they are a jump (£600+) in price.

The LMCV4-Fiber-M has two unused TTL outputs (OUT4, OUT5) on CON 4. Could these be used to drive a signal to a stepper driver (failing that an ardruino interface to drive a stepper motor)?

Failing that, could the rotary output be used as a Z control as I cant imagine many use cases when both would be used at the same time?

The info is so hit and miss on these boards. Their own manuals are jacked! I’m on the hunt for this info too. I found this

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