Z AXIS does not return to origin height

Hey I think I have found a bug or something.

I have a arduino uno running grbl with a Z axis on the laser.

When cutting say 3 passes with a z step of 0.5mm
The Z axis does not return to the original z height when it moves to the next cut.
Just keeps going lower and lower.

I think that’s working as intended. It steps down .5mm each pass.

Yes it does step down perfect.
But when it moves to the next cut the Z axis should return to its starting height as laser focal point is there. And then start going down again.

As it is now if I cut out 10 circles with a 0.5mm step by the time I get to circle 4 the Z height is so out of focus its just a huge light on the wood doing nothing.

What controller drives your laser? Please add that to your profile so we don’t have to ask.

What are the settings for this? Show screen capture of the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window and the ‘Device Settings’ window. Do you happen to have ‘Optimize Z moves’ turned ON (green), by chance?

Running cnc shield v3 with arduino uno.
Grbl 1.1f
Z axis moves up and down perfect on manual.
Z is enabled and does drop down if I say 0.5mm per pass.
But as soon as it completes the shape it cuts the Z axis just goes to the next cut and keeps moving 0.5mm for that cut also.
So it does not return back ( the 3mm it went down on the 6 passes.
Just keeps going down from there.

Tested it now again.

Did 6x 3mm circles next to each other.

Focused laser on stock piece.

Used 0.5mm per pass drop.
Cuts fine first circle. Once upon moving to circle 2 the Z axis does not go back up to where the focal point was set.

So once it gets to circle 4 the focus is so badly out it does not cut anymore.

I’ve tested this here and have not seen this behavior. Can you set up a job with 4 squares, 4 passes each with a step-per-pass of 0.5mm, and click ‘Save GCode’, then post the text file here? I’ll be able to see what your system is generating for moves.

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